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January 30 2013

Joss Whedon confirmed for Much Ado screening at Glasgow Film Festival. Not that there was much doubt but it's nice to have it now officially confirmed.

He'll be at the Dublin screening the day before.

If only the tickets hadn't sold out quite so fast :(
Yeah, I wish I had been able to get tickets for this one. I actually live 9 miles from the GFT. Ironically I did manage to get tickets to the Dublin screening, so I'll be booking flights and hotels for that one, when if I'd just been a few hours quicker in trying to book the Glasgow tickets I'd have been able to see it when it's practically on my doorstep! Still it'll be worth it to see the film with the big man himself in the audience. Hope they have a decent lengthed Q & A at the end! Have always wanted to speak to Joss!
Seriously, how has he not collapsed from exhaustion...
I hope that this is a commercially successful film by independent movie standards. It would be nice if it became a box office hit. It has a better chance since Lions Gate can now promote as, "From the Director of The Avengers".
My guess: $15- 20 million dollar opening weekend.
It is never going to take twice Serenity's box office in the opening weekend, BuffyFirefly. Nor does it have to. Ultimately it's a black and white low budget indy with all Shakespearean dialogue; Lionsgate will adjust accordingly. My guess would be it makes a lot long term through online, DVD etc. I can kinda imagine watching it on a plane with the old iPad (because iPads? Totally old).

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I'm hoping for a sequel. Much Ado Do Two has a nice ring to it.
Wonder if these recent International Film Festivals appearances are being dealt directly by Bellweather, or are them part of Kaleidoscope (sp?) international roll-out plan.

Unlike Lionsgate, the former have yet to set the premiere dates for other countries.
Yeah, as Gossi said, it doesn't have to make anything close to 'Serenity' money to be a big success. First of all it won't open in very many theaters, but also it only cost around $300k to make (Joss said it actually cost less than 'Doctor Horrible'), and I doubt if Lionsgate paid very much for the distribution rights. It should easily go into profit, and it is one of those things that will sell well on DVD (fans will want it, libraries will want it, and scholars will want it).

I'm sorry I'm not getting to see it at a film festival (with Joss there doing a Q&A) but I'm sure I'll love it in the theater next June 7th!
Huh. I'm kind of surprised he's not going to the Oscars.
I'm not. Scotland is much more fun (and drunk).
Is there any word on a UK release yet, or is this festival screening just the beginning of the attempt to get UK distribution?

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