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January 30 2013

(SPOILER) Buffy Season 9 #18 preview. Three-page preview is up at Comic Book Resources.

Oooh, what's Illyria going to do?
It's about time things started to pick up in this book.... It's been so dissapointing
Very intense opening.
Buffy dear, you need a longer sword.

Or a magical one. Oh, no, there are no more magical items. And Willow took your Scythe
What Buffy really need is one of these lil crossbows or a dart with a sedative. And to finally drop the Idiot Ball the writers handed her at the opening of the season...
Well ... The art doesn't seem to get better from last issue. Plus, since I've only watched the first season of Angel, I don't really know who Illyria is yet. The problem is that she was introduced SO badly in last issue ... I really don't care about what may/may not happen to her. What a waste !

Severin barely interests me though. I hope he's going to be a good big bad.

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I was excited to read Illyria saying, "You will not take my power." When you think about it, this season could be viewed as the third part within a trilogy.

1. The fifth season dealt with the exploration of power.

2. The seventh season dealt with the delegation of power.

3. Now this season is about the loss of power (magic).

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