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January 30 2013

How I Met Your Mother will end next season. The ninth season will be the show's last.

Maybe then Cobie Smulders can join the cast of S.H.I.E.L.D. permanently.
Alyson Hannigan, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D..
Thank GOD. It's one of my top three shows, but I am so ready to meet the damn mother, already.
Given the strength of their ratings I'm going to apply horror movie killer rules to HIMYM and not believe it's dead till it's cold and in the ground. Too much money at play for them not to be tempted to keep flogging the dead horse. (see: Friends, Joey)
I imagine they're having to pay the cast and producers a lot of money, though. When you're this far into a series it becomes.. Expensive.
I really don't think they will extend it any further. It was already difficult for them to get Jason Segel to sign on for the 9th season, and I doubt they would manage to persuade him to sign on for a 10th.
It's the journey people. I don't care if we ever meet the mother.
I'll get really mad if we don't meet the mother :P
i'm with Illy i will be cheesed off if they don't reveal the mother i mean that was whole point of the show!
No. The whole point of the show is HOW i met your mother. It's the journey. That's the point. I never understood why people bitched about having every little minute detail tied up on Lost and I'll never understand those obsessed with the end of an ongoing story rather than enjoying the unfolding story. Makes no sense to me in long form storytelling like television. Movies need a third act that ties up everything in a neat little bow. TV doesn't. It's like real life, messy and continuing.
Love the show, but sooo glad that they've decided to end it!I hope we don't meet the mother until the last scene of the last episode because then we don't have a chance not to like her. It would completely destroy the show if they introduce the mother earlier and the audience doesn't warm to her (as has been the case with more than a few of Ted's girlfriends).
Neil Patrick Harris, Dr. Horrible--SHIELD villain :D
As only an occasional viewer, I feel I have no real right to be sad. And yet I am sad. I am also rather keen to see what Alyson does next.
IrrationaliTV, I don't disagree with you in general. But I do think that at least meeting the mother is necessary. You say it's about the journey, fine, but for me, part of the journey is the actual meeting. Otherwise the show's title wouldn't make any sense and it would have to be called "How I got to the point where I almost met your mother"
Illy, I'm ok with them changing the title then. I have no desire to meet the mother and contend most people who NEED to meet her will despise the casting decision. It's a no win situation. Pass.
Dr Horrible and S.H.I.E.L.D. crossover lol
Not really comparable to Lost. This isn't some little character mystery like Hurley's lotto numbers - it's the whole basis of the show. It's not unreasonable to expect a satisfying resolution, and clearly a lot of people are hoping for one.
So can we expect to see the mother in the first episode of season nine? Given that Ted meets her the night of Robin and Barney's wedding, and that'll be the end(ish) of this season...

Also, Felicia Day as the mother please.
So glad to hear that they have made this decision.

I too really want to see him finally meet their mother and every season I was afraid it would end like most TV shows, with them just suddenly not renewing the next season and so getting no closure.

I have gotten addicted to too many shows where that happens and it leaves such an empty feeling, like it was all for nothing.

Yes its about the journey, but every journey must have an end.
What if the mother - has been there all along?

I don't know. Tried to watch it, couldn't get into it.
The article referred to "passionate" fans; we'd have to be to stick with it after last season. This season isn't great but the show has at least some of its heart back.

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It really doesn't matter what they do - if they show the mother, people will be disappointed. If they don't show her, people will be disappointed. Personally, I am hoping to get to know her a little before it ends, and not to have just a random face without a personality attached to it. Of course there is a risk of not liking her then, but as I already know I wouldn't like not meeting her at all, this is the only chance I could be satisfied, however small it may be.
If we don't meet her at the end of this season/premiere of next season like we thought we would, then I'll be upset, because they made it pretty clear that he'd sorta meet her at the wedding, and then definitely meet her at the train station after... Frankly the show could go on forever and that would make me happy... show them getting married and having each of the children... it's a dream that won't happen. I guess I hope that we'll get some time with the mother, and then next season will end on a proposal or marriage. I thought people would know by now not to invest everything into a title of a show, it's not the end-all-be-all of the show. Cougar Town!! For an example.
Me, I wanna see Aly in something that stretches her dramatic chops.
S.H.I.E.L.D. would be great for Alyson but she's always been talented enough to headline her own show. Like Dana, I'd love to see her do something very different and dramatic.
I don't mind it being about the journey. I embraced that. Unfortunately the journey got stupid and tedious and well, boring. I stopped watching a year or so ago. I'll probably come back next season if only so I don't get spoiled for the mother. I'll catch up over the summer.

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Yeah, I've been a big supporter. Huge. I thought it was still creative and interesting for years after everyone else seemingly did. But this season was hard, and the for the first time ever, I fell behind. It's casual misogyny became too much too handle. It's always been an icky subject in the show, but I've been able to brush it off because the rest was funny and emotional. Losing that, I was just left with a cast of unfunny buffoons who I increasingly loathed. I hear the season got a bit better shortly after I left so looking forward to returning at some stage.
Jaymii: I think I miss alot of the misogyny on first run because of my terrible hearing. Like I said, I feel more connected now than I did last season.

TonyaJ, Dana5140: "Mee three." I have some ideas, hey studio "bossen."
I like HIMYM, but I feel like it is probably time to bring it to a close. It is still pretty decent, but it isn't the show it used to be. And I'm sure most of the actors would like to do other things at this point. You know Cobie Smulders would like do to something very specific different.
ANOTHER season?! Good grief! Just end it already. There is the occassional good moment/episode but it really is a shadow of its former self.
Njal, cdm22: The ratings are still good, which is the language the networks speak, and they do have unresolved issues that can't really be cleared up this season.

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