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"Coming from you, that phrase strikes me as rather funny. Sorry to bother me."
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January 30 2013

BAMF Girls Club - episode 7 (with special Buffy guest star). That actress has that character down to a tee.

My goodness. It's like Willow and Felicia Day had a lovechild.
Ha ha ha. This is great! She really does capture Willow and does look a lovechild from Willow and Felicia Day.
The Willow was perfect. I enjoy these, but I'm always distracted by the Buffy being so tall. She kind of towers over everyone. That's just not Buffy!
That was pretty fantastic, maybe the best one of these I have seen. The actors are getting better at their characters. I initially didn't like their Buffy but she's grown on me and I think she's capturing Buffy's better.
GimpyD, Dana5140: (OOO, goody, my favorite sport!) Umm, shouldn't that read either "Willow and Vi" or "Aly and Felicia"? +

Can't comment on the site because I can't get to youtube form work. I'm sure you're all crushed to be denied my wisdom *grin.

+Okay, even assuming Felicia is a well-enough known performer that she exists in the Buffyverse, it's still an assymmetric pairing. I know Felicia exists in my own main ficverse;heck, so does Aly. Willow (along with Buffy and Kennedy) has even met her in a fic I will absolutely never, ever post anywhere.
I know fanfic writers don't usually pay much attention to a character's canon sexual orientation, but you could pair Willow with Mag from Dollhouse or Charlie from Supernatural.
Whatev', daddykat. :-) She just looks like a Willow/FD babychild. Or an Aly/Vi-Penny-Charley babychild. :-)
Yes, willow IS adorkable... 'sides, who else is bad enough to keep her un-veiny? (Keny, MISS you)
mr_waterproof: Sorry, I'm a dedicated Kitten - I've written in 4 different ficverses (2 series, 2 as one-offs) and the same partner across the board, unless I'm setting it in S-2/3 or S-7/8 :-).

Dana5140 - Happy to take your word for it. Just, I can never resist my favorite sport. (Nitpicking.)

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