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January 31 2013

Watch the Christophe Beck scored and Oscar nominated animation short "Paperman". Disney made this short available in their official Youtube channel, it uses minimalist black-and-white style, merging hand drawn and computer animation in a whole new way.

This short was originally shown in front of "Wreck-it-Ralph" and will be included the movie's BluRay/DVD release.

I watched this earlier today. It's quite lovely. With no dialogue, the music is very important.
It's. brilliant.
The music is very beautiful. Loved this.
The MUSIC! Beautiful.
Just bought it on iTunes. Put it on repeat forever.
I remember seeing this in theaters before Wreck-It Ralph. I had been looking forward to it for months. Disney shorts are always something to behold and the idea of a hybrid 2D/3D animatec short had me SOO STOKED! It's going to be something I will go back to whenever I'm sad or upset.
This is really lovely, and was just linked at Twitter by Jason Alexander. I'm jealous Xander, my local theater never shows any charming shorts (or any at all), they only run ads before the movie.
Saw this with Wreck-It Ralph, but had no idea Christophe Beck did the score! Very sweet little short.

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