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January 31 2013

Meet Joss Whedon's stunt double on S.H.I.E.L.D.. It's an uncanny likeness.

The new poster for Ironman 3: Its pretty rad.
Which just reminds me of this recent tweet from Clark Gregg:
Recently shooting a fiendishly difficult matrix-y stunt. No one could do it. Director walks over, demonstrates perfectly #thegingerninja

brinderwalt, I had to think of that tweet too :D
Also, that poster makes me wonder what Bruce Campbell is up to at the moment.
Bruce Campbell is busy with Burn Notice, as far as I know.
Yeah...The Chin has Burn Notice and consulting on the new Evil Dead film. Would be epic to see him do a guest shot...but not holding my breath ; P
Joss the ginger ninja! I'm going to use that.

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