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January 31 2013

Top ten Whedon women. Who features on your list?

Nandi and Black Widow are nowhere close to being in the top ten. I would put Zoe and Cordelia. But yeah, the rest of it is solid.
Definitely not my (currently unrealized) list, nor my order, but a most interesting assortment nonetheless.
I like that list, although I do wish Inara was there. I kind of wish Buffy and Willow's *emotional* strength were mentioned. They have both overcome extraordinary life obstacles, which is why I admire them so. But I fully support them as the top 2!
I would have replaced Nandi with Olivia Williams. But it is a fun list.
Oh gosh. I just can't rank them in a particular order. BUT top ten:
1. Fred
2. Willow
3. Tara
4. Cordelia
5. River ("My food is problematic.")
6. Faith
7. Whisky
8. Zoe
9. Inara
10. Buffy/Anya/Dru

1. Spike
2. Mal
3. Giles
4. Angel
5. Wesley
6. Book
7. Topher
8. Wash
9. Simon
10. Billy ("That's about standards")

Edit: Crud, I forgot Olivia -- she's amazing... Sigh. I guess top 15 would be easier. Maybe.

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If we're talking about the characters Joss created, then it would be something like this:

1. Buffy
2. Faith
3. Darla
4. Willow
5. Zoe
6. Adelle
7. Drusilla
8. Anya
9. Kaylee
10. Echo/Caroline (unpopular choice. Yeah, I like her. Or them.)

Honorable mentions: Melaka Fray, Cordelia, Lilah or River

But I'm not sure about the order of 1-10 and beyond.

If we're including other people's characters he did great writing for, as they did on this list:

1. Buffy
2. Faith
3. Darla
4. Willow
5. Emma Frost
6. Black Widow
7. Zoe
8. Adelle
9. Kitty Pryde
10. Drusilla

This is going by "how well written/memorable/fleshed out the character is" combined with my own preference. Going purely by how much I *like* the character, Anya and Echo would be higher and Drusilla and Cordelia would be lower.

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Kaylee is at the top of mine. Actually, Kaylee is my entire top ten.

But a list like this is impossible - there's not a one of those characters who didn't deserve to be on it (even if I don't agree with their reasoning on all counts), but so did Cordelia (Angel season 4 notwithstanding), Sierra, DeWitt, Saunders/Whiskey, Lilah, Jenny Calendar, and a strong case could be made for Echo as well and maybe Bennett.

(Edited before posting to add: and all the people I forgot that the posters above me have mentioned too!)
Am I the only one getting an error page when I click on the link???
All right, then, here's mine

10) Darla
9) Sierra
8) Willow
7) Inara
6) Illyria
5) Kaylee
4) Mag
3) Mellie
2) YoSaffBridge
1) Bennett Halverson
Too many great characters... I'm pretty sure I would also rank Buffy and Willow as my top 2: not only they're great, but also meant a great deal to me growing up.

The rest of my list I guess it changes depending on the mood :P
Oh, f...
I forgot Dr. Saunders. How could I?
She's at least 4, if not in the top three
snowmancivi it seems fine at my end.
Nobody mentioned Drusilla! My favourite insane British female vampire ever.

Darla, Lilah, Tara, Joyce, Inara...

Far too many awesome women for a top ten. Or even a top fifteen.
How did I forget Tara?
My personal favorites, not necessarily in order:

1. Buffy
2. Willow
3. Darla
4. Jenny Calendar
5. Faith
6. River
7. Fred
8. Cordelia
9. Adelle
10. Chantarelle/Anne
Willow is my favourite tv character ever, bar none.

The rest in no order; Anya, Buffy, Tara, Fred, Adelle, Claire Saunders, Drusilla, River, and Darla.

But I also love Dawn, Joyce, Glory, Cordy, Faith, Zoe, Black Widow, and a bunch more.
My list would be different depending upon the evaluation criteria. The strongest 10 might not be the sexiest 10 (then again . . .) or the wittiest 10. The 10 I'd most like to hang out with for an evening wouldn't necessarily belong on the same list as the 10 I consider the best role models or the 10 with the most fascinating character arcs.

I suppose the fact that it would be possible to generate a different list in each of these categories is a testament to the writing.
I opened the url and scrolled all the way to the bottom. Where is Cordelia?!
Drusilla and Darla!!! C'mon!!!
Oh erendis, I forgot about Chantarelle/Anne, who is one of my very favorite Whedon characters (so much growth, and such great priorities, I love her so much!)!
1) Faith

Honourable mentions:
Black Widow

Well that was REALLY hard. Damn that Joss man, making choices in women difficult since 1997.
Gill: Actually, I did and I put her in my top 10.
I'm not sure who all would be on my list and in what order, but Buffy, Willow, Adele, and River would definitely be on the list. Faith, Zoe, Lilah, and Anya would probably be on the list. Kaylee would stand a good chance of making it as well.

Black Widow, Nandi and Fred would not make it on my list. Neither would Cordelia or Penny.
Can't believe I forgot about Lilah. She would be in my top ten for sure but I'm not sure who she would replace.
Willow #1, but the list is missing Tara.
My choices in no particular order:
I would like to send some love the way of Adele De Witt. The mercurial Adele was busy every week adding layers of intrigue to Dollhouse. No discernible superpowers, but a brain the size of a planet. Starts out as everyone's boss and ends up as their mother. And she saved the world too, don't forget!
Off the top of my head...

1. Fred/Illyria
2. Faith
3. Lilah
4. River
5. Cordelia
6. Willow
7. Tara
8. Anya
9. Whiskey/Claire
10. Adelle

With Buffy somewhere, obviously. So hard to pick!
I'll give it a go, but its tough to narrow it to ten!


Buffy (pre season 4, she just became too self involved after high school for me)

And for the gents


With holtz, lindsay, the mayor and caleb missing out only coz theyre evil(ish)
I think Cordelia and Wesley may be my favourite characters from the Whedonverse. Adele gets massive props, too despite the short time we had with her. And who doesn't love Willow (I was expecting Buffy to be first)? Well, a lot of people, apparently, but they're wrong. I was never disinterested in Buffy's character or where she was going from episode 1 to 144, and into the comics, but she's not my favourite. She's the catalyst.

Fred I honestly didn't get as a character until towards the end of season 4, when she stopped being a drama!prop.

Why does Wesley get a mention? Well it's 2013, can't we stop doing "men lists" and "women lists"?
So hard to decide!

1. River
2. Willow
3. Kaylee
4. Fred
5. Adelle
6. Faith
7. Drusilla
8. Anya
9. Tara
10. Bennett/YoSaffBridge (if only we got to know more about them)
In no particular order.....

Shadowcat (if we can count his writing on Astonishing X-men)

And the men......


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I think this fits under the "All of the above" category.
Nandi? Really? Why not Inara? lol. It's an okay list!
I'd have (in no order) winifred burkle, inara serra, kaylee frye, faith lehane, zoe washburne, buffy summers, willow rosenberg, illyria, darla.
The remainder subject to change...
Oh, this is simple (I think).

Willow: Aly just played this character to the hilt! I can't even imagine any other soul playing this part. Alyson has it hook, line, and sinker. Beware little minnows!

Buffy: Ahh, Joss made just the right choice here. Sarah not only took it, she fulfilled it in heart and soul. She will forever be the face of Buffy.: Forever a mystery, forever a wonder, ever a swansong. "The world waits".

Fred: Everyone's little sister. A lotta' strength there, think about it.

Faith: The girl your mother warned you about so you just had to seek her out!
My list:
1) Kaylee
2) Zoe
3) Tara
4) Buffy
5) Willow
6) Fred
7) Mags
8) Saff-yo-Bridge
9) Faith
10) Adele
11) Echo
12) Bennet
13) River
14) Black Widow
15) Penny
16) Anne
17) November
18) Whiskey/Saunders
19) Anya
20) Cordy
21) Inara
22) Sierra
23) Kilo
24) Dru
25) Illyaria (really torn about her, on one hand she killed Fred, on the other who doesn't want Spike as a pet?)
I'm just glad Tara got some "lovin' mentionin'" :)

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