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January 31 2013

Much Ado About Nothing gets US premiere at SXSW Film Festival. The festival runs from March 8th to 16th. And yes, Joss will be there.

I wish I could go. Joss will probably be there, yeah? The Evil Dead remake is premiering there too.
Yes Joss will be there according to Roadsite Attractions who just tweeted us.
Oh wow, I wish I good go! Austin is cool (and seeing Joss would be so great), but I have tickets for 'Book of Mormon' in Chicago.... *sigh*

oops: editing for spelling...

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@embera, Its Austin, Texas not Austen.
He was in Austin last year to promote Cabin in the Woods. It opened the Film Festival portion of the conference at the Paramount Theater.

So much Jossie goodness in my hometown...although I can never attend because it's cost- and psychologically-prohibitive. The crowds are insane.

Here's hoping SXSW becomes an annual pilgrimage for him.
I have a couple of dumb questions. Does anyone know when tickets for the films go on sale? Do you have to buy a 'badge' for the festival to go see one of the movies, or are those separate?

I don't really live close to Austin, but the wait until June is killing me. If I can get tickets, my roommate and I are going on a road trip.
I was there last year and it was incredible. I expect no less this year. I co-organize the Austin Whedonverse here so we're hoping to get everyone (183 members, that MAY be a stretch) to show a strong presence.

I will be there.
@mossome, you usually have to buy a badge. There are a limited number of tickets if the badges don't sell out the venue, but that is rare.

**last year I showed up and stood in the rain and got the very last standby ticket. Free. There IS hope.**
Willowy, there's an Austin Whedon group?? I've been in Austin a couple of years, but had no idea there was a group here.

I didn't make it to SXSW for CiTW last year, sadly, and can't afford a badge this year either. :-( I was thinking about volunteering, but looks like I've already missed the deadlines for that.
Yep! We just met tonight and watched Cabin!

We have almost 200 members but different peeps show up for different things so we're never all en masse. Email me!

BTW, I've been here for two years too! Austin. Rocks.

And yes. Austin is the best. :-)
Gotcha. Starting from Buffy S1 next week. I wish we could skip all but PG, but some is necessary. So far the vote is 1/2, then Angel, Can't wait to get to season 2!
Thanks Willowy!
I have another dumb quesiton. If you buy a badge, are you guaranteed a seat for the movie? I would hate to buy a badge and drive that far, and then not get to see the movie.
I got into Cabin last year by the seat of my pants, and for free (long, amazing story, but I can't see that ever happening again)! I know you do need to buy a badge for the movies (the wristbands are only for music), but I'm not sure it guarantees you a seat. You should poke around here:
I'm looking for a gig to work during SXSW. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I got something for the Much Ado screening? A poor girl can dream.
Oh please, pretty please if anyone can take some videos and share with us here whom aren't able to attend, we'll be forever grateful (shines sad puppydog eyes)!
My friend Craig (kind of our local Ryan Seacrest) is also a member of our Whedon group and he is interviewing the red carpet arrivals for SX. He's hoping he can interview Joss like he did last year for Cabin (lucky bastard), and I'm sure he'll have a link if so. :)

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