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"Must go attend to Wesley. See if he's still whimpering."
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January 31 2013

David Boreanaz to speak at Ithaca College's 2013 Commencement. He graduated from Ithaca in 1991 and confirmed the news earlier today on Twitter.

I had no idea he was an alumnus. I went there for my freshman year - 1989-1990 - before transferring. I may have passed him in the halls! :)
I'm sure I'm not the only one that thought of Acathla!
You and me both aapac! :P
Am I the only one having trouble imagining this speech?
I guess you never know.
Some newscaster gave the speech at my daughter's, and it was a rambling incoherent mess.
One of the guys from Linkin Park gave my neice's, and it was the best speech ever, funny and meaningful.
I graduated Ithaca in 2007 and don't even remember my commencement speech. I'm sure I'd find David's much more memorable.
A guy from Linkin Park? I get the feeling that commencement addresses are more interesting now than they were in the old days.
Known for Bones and his role on Buffy? What about the five years as the lead on Angel?

I have a family member who goes to Ithaca, maybe I'll swing by for the commencement. Could be interesting.
^^ It's not that easy to simply swing by for these things. Colleges and Universities tend to limit the amount of guests a graduate may have at the ceremony.. at SUNY Buffalo (a stone's throw from Ithaca.. well, sorta) we were limited to 4 tickets per student. Even then.. seating is always a nightmare.

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