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February 01 2013

House of Cards featuring Kristen Connolly is now on Netflix. Netflix's first original series has The Cabin in the Woods' Kristen Connolly in the cast, and the entire season is available to watch now.

The great experiment. Be very interesting to see it pays off.
I'm more curious to see how they go with Arrested Development, myself.
Wasn't Lillyhammer a Netflix original series as well?
The budget for this thing is claimed to be $100m. Really interesting gamble from Netflix and I kinda hope it pays off, as more ways to market for creatives = the better.
I'm pretty excited for this, both in terms of content and distribution methods. I don't want to entirely blow up the old TV model or anything (though that may happen with or without my consent) but I'm definitely in favor of expanding the options.
Good to see that it's an international release. I haven't really been too fussed about Netflix, but if they keep this original content coming I may have to jump aboard.
I just watched the opening episode from the UK (in glorious HD streaming on my TV) and, well, I really liked it. And Kristen is good as always.
Totally going to watch this later today.
I've been marathoning this all day and it is FANTASTIC, I'm going to make a full day of it in fact. It's easily as solid as anything on HBO or Showtime, so I have very high hopes for the future of quality shows outside the traditional confines of TV. My only hope is that someday down the line this form of production finds its way to Joss.
I'm about 4 episodes in. Good stuff so far! And I *love* having the whole series available right away.
Since I have neither impulse control nor 13 spare hours, I'm afraid to start this. Maybe next week.
12 episodes in. This series is great (so far at least).
Jelly, that's what I thought too, based on how much Netflix spent on advertising, but Lillyhammer was a Norwegian production. Netflix was merely the exclusive US distributor.

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