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February 01 2013

Adam Baldwin talks Joss, Jayne and Serenity dreams. In which Adam ponders on the greatest challenge a Serenity sequel would face.

I think he is a phenomenal actor, who has brought some memorable, well-written characters to life, but this guy seems like not-the-nicest guy in real life. He actually blocked me on Twitter and told me my liberal views are enslaving black people like a plantation owner (not joking in the remotest sense) when I tried to engage with him in a civil political debate. It's sad someone with so much talent is so politically and seemingly personally misguided. I truly am a fan of his work in the Whedonverse, though.
Let's ixnay on the olitics-pay. While I've had lengthy political discussions with Mr. Baldwin on twitter my own self, this is not the place or the way to address it :). Thanks!
Hey - if joss can unimpale unkill Coulson, what's to stop him from doing the same for anyone else?
Sorry about that. Love me some Jayne, though!
That is why I don't want to know anything about the politics of actors I like. Unless they actually make a political movie (like Danny Strong). I love nearly all the Buffy and Firefly actors and don't want to know things that will make me dislike them. Ignorance is bliss.

I think a movie that takes place after Wash died would be very interesting, but it would be really weird to have a Firefly movie without Wash. (And Book too!!!) But he could always be in flashbacks! Or the First! I dunno how, but it could work if they had a chance to make the movie (not that I'm expecting that). I think Joss has proved he knows how to work around death when necessary.
miroir_noir - no worry. It just never leads anywhere where someone isn't cranky at the end, even here :)
miroir_noir: Fits what I've heard. I mean it's a common metaphor over in this wing but using it as a personal put-down is ridiculous, and a bit nasty, too.

Given Sernifly is a straight s-f- universe, it would be problematic. I've only watched those DVDs once summer of '11 when I finally got them, but they did lose some integral characters whose absence would change the very basis of what's being seen
No problem on a sequel. We'll have Wash haunt the bridge and Shepherd Book's clone will turn up and want to know what happened to his original body. :)
JDL: So what you are saying is that Book, who might have been a former bounty hunter, will be cloned to make many Shepherd foot soldiers? (Book-ah Feet?) Now we just need Simon to accidentally cover his body with hair tonic, growl more, and get a laser crossbow.
I just wanted to say, for the record, that Adam Baldwin is the warmest kindest man, who cares deeply about his fans. There was a Firefly Convention quite a few years back, that was cancelled at the last second (leaving fans arriving at the hotel to learn that there would be no convention at all). We (I had just arrived at the hotel) were pretty down about it, and Adam Baldwin was the first person to show up. He had worked all day at work, and he had a family to go home to, but he was online and heard what was happening, so he came to see us. He sat around for hours, nursing a beer and talking to anyone who wanted on any subject. He made sure others of our BDHs knew our plight (and many others from Firefly & Serenity came to see us over the next few days... giving up their own free time to meet up with fans).

So I just need everyone to know here at Whedonesque that we have the most wonderful Big Damn Heroes, who are kind to their fans, and generous with their time.
People are complicated.
embers: Awww. Thanks for sharing that.

I hope if there is ever (still not holding my breath) another sequel, Badger will make an appearance. (Or was he killed when the Operative went after the crew's known associates in Serenity?) And do you think it would be possible to fit some Castle references in there? You know, it just seems like it would be a nice reciprocation after the plethora of Firefly references on Castle.

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I just wanted to say, for the record, that Adam Baldwin is the warmest kindest man, who cares deeply about his fans.

I think it's safe to say that it takes a lot more than just 128-byte long chunks to take the full measure of a man...

I hope if there is ever (still not holding my breath) another sequel, Badger will make an appearance. (Or was he killed when the Operative went after the crew's known associate's in Serenity?)

Personally I hold to the firm belief (which - to the best of my knowledge - is not ruled out by any of the canonical sources to date) that he is both alive and well. Otherwise how else are we to glean more tidbits of the pure comedy gold that is the continuing, absolutely awesome River vs. Badger saga? (that exists in my head.)

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If one day there's ever a theoretical Firefly/Serenity sequel, I'd hope there would be some returning guests like Badger and Yo-Saf-Bridge (edit: Yo not Jo... time for another rewatch), etc.

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I wasn't aware Adam was involved in the pilot, "The Last Ship". As a book, it was an excellent read and I was really excited when I heard it was being considered as a pilot/series. Then, "poof" it disappeared from sight. Real shame, it's an awesome story.

As for a possible Firefly/Serenity sequel, oh how I wish! We just love smacking ourselves upside the head, don't we?

Still, if there's ever a way, we'll figure a way to do it. Tenacity tends to be the members of the WHEDONesque.
If it were me, I'd have the Alliance bring Wash and perhaps Book back for some evil scheme. Considering the kind of technology they have at their disposal, I'm sure cloning isn't out of the question.

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Embers I didn't go to that but I remember reading about it from lots of online friends and it made me a fan of Adam Baldwin forever, even though I wasn't a huge Firefly fan.
And I loved Adam in Chuck, plus I went back and re-watched the 80s movie "The Bodyguard" which was a treat.
LadyJay: I have this imagine of Badger talking his way out of being killed by the Operative. "Here is a list of all the people Malcolm Reynolds might go to. If I hear the slightest whisper about his whereabouts, I'll pass it immediate like. (How much of a reward are we talking about?)"
OneTeV: I really like that idea. Good job. I also like the idea that people would just know that Mal wouldn't go to Badger for help because Badger doesn't do that kind of thing.

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