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February 02 2013

TV's best will they/won't they couples and a nod to some Whedonverse alumni.

I didn't think much of a Giles/Joyce relationship (despite the hilarity that was "Band Candy") until Joyce's death. The scene in "Forever" when Giles is drinking alone in his flat, listening to the record he played when he and Joyce were teenagers... that was one of the most subtle, beautiful moments in the entire series. It just broke my heart. Giles' What If's must be endured in silence, for he is an adult, and puts his responsibilities first.
Not so Whedony, but I don't know how Jim and Pam from The Office failed to make that list. They're the ultimate Will They/Won't They couple.
#7 also with David Boreanaz & Emily Deschanel,,20304425,00.html#20670120 so, a half nod to the Whedonverse alumni :-)
#13 has Jim & Pam,,20304425,00.html#20670234
I loved the Giles/Joyce relationship-- the occasional tension, the hilarious hookup, and his private mourning. But I would definitely not call it a "will they/won't they."
I'm glad Giles and Joyce didn't end up together. Giles would have had two dead girlfriends throughout the show.
libradude; Guess Olvia's lucky she dumped him early on.

I dunno, I often got that exact "will they or won't they" feeling about them, and I'm glad it wasn't shown in a super-obvious way. And one of the posters over there was right, they are a favorite of fic writers. (I did it myself, but in a non-supernatural one-off inspired by some of Keith Topping's comments.)
Also Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle at #2
This list really bothered me. It's just not diverse at all.

And I'm not sure there was a diverse pool to choose from.

Thus, the sads came along.
Not a bad list, but the best will they-won't they couple ever were Anna and Miles in This Life. But the EW writers have probably never even heard of that show.
"Will they or wont they" is one of the worst and most annoying aspects of modern day TV shows. There's more to a story than love interests yet these days most shows seem to be reduced to just that.
i'm probably the only who thought it was lust not love with angel and cordy, as it should only be angelus and darla (when he losses his soul) buffy and angel (with soul)
Angel and Cordy may have been debatable, but it's fairly self-evident that 'love' had nothing to do with the relationship between Angelus and Darla.
Sure you're not thinking Drusilla?

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