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"See how I'm not punchin' him? I think I've grown."
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February 03 2013

Geek Oscars. How the Academy Awards would look if movie nerds ran the show.

Lots of Whedony winners in this fictional awards show.

If nerds ran the show it would be the Nerd Oscars ;)

I have to take a look at Kill List - how could it beat Cabin in the Woods?
There's a strange mix of great, unexpected choices, like Kill List and Sound of My Voice, and deeply stupid choices like Amazing Spider-Man and Prometheus.
Yeah, hate when people use 'geek' and 'nerd' as synonyms. Their justification for snubbing Cabin in the Woods simply because it wasn't a traditional horror film was kind of silly- that was the whole point.
Hey! King nerd, geek here. Where shall I point the tommy? Hee,hee!

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