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February 04 2013

(SPOILER) Latino Review has Avengers 2 and Avengers 3 spoilers. They might be wrong, they might be true. But find out in this video blog about how the end of Phase 2 leads into the start of Phase 3. Huge spoilers abound.

Now this would be really cool if it pans out.Planet Hulk was a very popular storyline and World War Hulk would make a kickass Avengers 3.

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I'm just wondering, how would THEY have access to these spoilerific details?!
Generally there are five types of spoiler reveals:

1) Spoilers deliberately leaked by film and tv studios. It helps build interest among the fans and keeps journalists on side.
2) Spoilers obtained via casting sides. Entertainment sites get a lot of their spoilers this way.
3) Spoilers obtained via employees. People like to brag that they know secrets and feed them to BNFs and spoiler sites.
4) Spoilers obtained through theft. Stolen scripts etc. From what I understand some Buffy Season 7 scripts went walkabout this way.
5) Cock-ups. Spoilers get released by accident because someone wasn't paying attention (see Dark Horse and Buffy Season 8).

I would imagine that in this case, we're looking at option 3.
Also Latino Review is known for their scoop savvy. They find out lots of industry news first.
Hm alrighty then. Makes sense this way.
Simon- add one more to your list:

6) Spoilers used to track down people who would leak spoilers.

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The main thing that makes me question theses spoilers is Joss saying he doesn't like cliffhanger endings in movies. So unless this is a post credit scene I stand on the 'not buying it' side.

7) False information deliberately leaked by the studio to throw off spoiler-hunters. (These are called "foilers.")

8) Stuff just made up by bloggers to attract attention.
The chances of this being accurate... slightly less than the chances of Thanos killing all of our heroes in Avengers 2.

Joss is still working out the kinks of Avengers 2, and they claim Avengers 3 is already set?

Latino Review gets some good scoops sometimes, but this sounds like a situation where someone said "Hey, wouldn't it be cool if..." and three re-tellings later, it gets reported as "This is definitively going to happen." That's embarrassingly common in entertainment "journalism".
To be fair, though... Joss may still be working out the finer details of Avengers 2 (like, you know, the script), but that doesn't mean Marvel doesn't already have a broader outline for how Phase Two and Phase Three should pan out.

In fact, I'd be surprised if they didn't. Joss has already mentioned that he's done the outline for Avengers 2. It will be the bridge between Phase Two and Phase Three, so they would need to have at least some sort of sense of where they're going already, I would think.
Wow, talk about a guy who really just loves to drag a story out. Just get to the point already!

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