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February 04 2013

S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Chloe Bennet posts pic of her new bosses on instagram. Nice pic of the Whedon clan.

Love Mo's comment!

"I am not an 8 year old Chinese boy."
So why'd they give Mo the shortest stool? She's not an 8-year-old Chinese boy, we know that now, but she's not exactly a giant, either.
I'm assuming they were all sitting on the stools they regularly use in whatever room that was taken ?????????????????????
Aren't they in a restaurant, though?
^You're right. I see a register in the background.
Because she's the short one - obviously.
As a short person, I pick the lower chairs too. I want to be able to touch the floor :)
Nice bosses. :-))

Nice place, too. Wish I could afford such restaurant. :-(
Me too Ktara, I don't like to eat with my feet dangling above the ground. But I am kind of wondering about are the tight lipped/closed mouth smiles on everyone's faces.... Don't they like Chloe Bennet? Weren't they having fun? What is the deal? Inquiring minds want to know (at least I do).
My guess is that those are their "It's currently 10:30pm (or am) in some bar (or restaurant) and we've been shooting non-stop all week" faces.

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