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February 04 2013

New Iron Man 3 trailer. This the extended version of the trailer that debuted during the Super Bowl.

That extended version also linked here is absolutely awesome.
Loved Nodprophet's YT comment: "They could have made the video with just RDJ looking at the camera and I would have been perfect! *_*" :-D
I was surprised by how "extended" it was, but RDJ still has my 12 bucks for May. Mission accomplished, Mr. Stark
"How many can i carry?"
"Oh boy!"


Can't wait to see it!
So does anyone know how much influence Joss has over the projects occurring between now and Avengers 2? Is he touching up scripts or anything, or is this news item related to Joss because RDJ was in The Avengers?
I believe that anything involving the cast of The Avengers is going to end up posted here, especially if the actor/actress' character is going to return for The Avengers 2, Mr. E.

I personally find the line is "anything Joss had a strong hand in creating or shaping," since very little was posted comparatively when Joss guested on Veronica Mars and directed an episode of the US version of The Office, but we get lots more for the Whedonverse shows and references to Joss's script-doctoring years.
We're not going to go overboard in terms of coverage for the other Marvel Universe films. A brand new trailer is fine, the occasional interview and when the movies get released but that would be about it. If it seems excessive on the front page, items will get merged or deleted.
I wanted to see more new footage in the spot. The lack of anything 'eye catching' disappointed me. But I'll still be there for the midnight show.
What does this have to do with Joss? He hasn't written, produced or directed this. Does this mean that if I, for example, find out that someone did Charisma Carpentars make-up on Buffy that I should post a link to any article making mention of said make-up artist?? They did, after all, work on a Joss show.... Come on people of Whedonverse! Let's keep these posts Joss Whedon specific - even if that means no new posts for weeks. I'm tired of coming in here and seeing posts about people who have eight degrees separation from Mr. Whedon.
buzzkill - as per the rules "Posts about cast members, writers or other crew.... are also encouraged". If you have issues with that, do drop us an email.
Buzzkill not to be a buzzkill, but Joss is an active creative consultant on Marvel projects, it stands to reason that he did work on this in some capacity. Whether you think the work merits mention is debatable - I guess only time and interviews will tell, but I would not be surprised if he receives a "Creative Consultant" credit on every post-Avengers project in the MCU.

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I really wonder how much of a contribution that Joss will have on this movie. Jon Favreau was highly credited with establishing this world and was one of the voices that supported the inclusion of Joss within these Marvel movies. More specifically Favreau is an actor in this movie and has been giving Iron Man 3 director Shane Black his thoughts on the direction the films should take. So I believe of the four films we are to see before Avengers 2 I believe this will be the film Joss will have the least input on.
Also, I am excited about Joe and Anthony Russo working with Joss. Joe and Anthony Russo were exec. producers on Arrested Development and Community. On Community, Lisa Lassek of various Whedon projects serves as editor.
Thirteen people in the air and four people per trip. I've been playing around with various ways of Tony doing this without killing the people in the process of saving them.

Adding in what little additional knowledge we know from the trailer (altitude probably <25,000 feet since people are still conscious and coherent) and previous information about the armor.

The best times I have come up with so far are around three trips to save people and that method would be so outlandish I can't imagine how they would film it. But it would be so cool I won't spoil it if they do.

Time for three trips at four people per save, Hmmmm . . . .
Things look pretty bleak for that thirteenth person right now.
RobynH, from what it looked like in the trailer, rather than make separate trip for everyone, he was going to try something like this.
Then he needs to find something big to create a lot of drag like a parachute(or even better lift like a parasail or wing) and a way to attach it securely to everyone in the group in under 90 seconds.

Still thinking.
^^ My thoughts exactly. It looked as if that was what he started to work on, with the woman grabbing that other passenger.

But with 13 people? He has to land them after all. He's going to have to make a hard choice. I can definitly see a big part of the movie being about him making a choice of how many he could save, the media and family members hating on him.
They don't need to make a circle in the air. Or maybe they do initially for stability. But then as long as they are all connected in a line, he can be the top link in the chain and gently lower down the bottom link until everyone is safely on the ground. It's movie physics. I'm sure it'll be okay.
I'm guessing he has a clever idea that could totally work, but fails to save most of 'em, and that's the trigger for all the self doubt evidenced in the trailers. The reporters he doesn't want to talk to are likely asking about that event.

On the 'physics' side, I'm curious about the 4 person max. The suit and thrusters are strong enough to catch cars and redirect missiles. Perhaps Jarvis is considering aerodynamics, flailing bodies, safe landings, people getting near the thrusters, etc...

As said, there's no aerial formation that helps them, they still have no way to slow down other than Iron Man. Forming a chain of more than 4 people would violate Jarvis' calculation. Not that Tony doesn't regularly push past Jarvis' recommendations.
@ theak. As far as I know, Joss was still in post production on The Avengers and Iron Man 3 was well into production before Joss was given his new position with Marvel. So it stands to reason that it was too soon for Joss to have any input in IM3. Some people seem so gung-ho on being able to say that they've posted a piece of news on here, that they'll post anything no matter how far removed from Joss it is. Let's reel it in some, yes?

@ Simon Check your email.
buzzkill - cool it on the pushiness, what stays on/off the front page is decided by the admins.
Iron Man is definitely going to be in Avengers 2, which I suspect is Joss related. While this site shouldn't become "DowneyJuniorEsque", I don't see how the occasional link is over saturation. (My two cents.)

For the ariel stunt, it might be there is a scene in between where War Machine/Iron Patriot has radioed that he will be there soon with help, but Tony has to get them more time.

But I can imagine the "not everyone can be saved" scenario that others are positing. This could be Tony's "Kobayashi Maru" test, where there is no possible way to win (until someone does it).

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