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February 04 2013

Catch a glimpse of the S.H.I.E.L.D. set. And yes it's a real "blink and you miss it" moment.

Simon how did you decide to post this video out of the multi-part series as opposed to any of the others? Are any of the others in the series worth checking out?
You weren't kidding. I blinked and actually missed it.
I believe the longest of Agent M's youtube videos was his interview with Clark Gregg, if anyone has missed that then it is worth watching. I actually enjoy them all (and they are all available at my link, above.
This is getting ridiculous.
Getting ridiculous?

Truth be told, the comment section antics these videos have been stirring are the best part.
Tausif - because actually showed something that was somewhat news worthy.
I agree with what someone said in the comments. He should just interview the crew like the grips, the stunt people, or something.
meh to the content of that link

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