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February 05 2013

Enver Gjokaj will guest in tonight's episode of Vegas which airs on CBS at 10 PM ET/PT.

I wonder if he'll play an eastern european thug. He seems to get rather typecast unfortunately. Going by the character name maybe not.

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...which is painfully ironic given his range. Somebody sign this guy up as a main character in a show already! I honestly think he's one of Joss's biggest finds.
He's incredibly talented with real range, a nice guy and he really cares about his work. I agree, he's one of Joss's biggest finds. Somebody needs to take a gamble on this guy with his own show.
I've started rewatching Dollhouse, and my Enver-awe has been reawakened. The guy is amazing. They need to write an Alias-type show for him. He could be the best undercover agent ever.
All this talk of cop shows makes me wonder what a scene between Enver and David Boreanaz's Booth on Bones (or with Nathan on Castle) could be like. I can dream...

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It seemed to be a smallish part - I only watched the first few minutes- as a casino manager of some kind.
According to Enver's tweet, it's a recurring character. He's listed in the press release for the next ep (which will be shown on Feb 19th?)

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