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February 05 2013

R.I.P. Robin Sachs. The actor who played Ethan Rayne on Buffy the Vampire Slayer has passed away. It's a very sad day for the fandom and our thoughts are with his family and friends.

What a shame. He was a great actor and seemed like a nice man.
This is terrible news.

Mr Sachs always managed to make a lasting impression with all his roles, but in particular the superb trickster and chaos worshipper Ethan Rayne.

He will be sorely missed. :(

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Damn, I was always happily surprised when I noticed him doing VO in some of the video games I played.

This is terribly sad :(

edit: does this mean he passed away a day before his birthday?! that's even worse!

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Oh no. Shocking. R.I.P.
d-e-f, wiki actually says he passed february 1st
what a shame, i always liked ethan! RIP
This is sad indeed. Does anyone know what happened? :(
Really terrible news :(
I'll never forget seeing him on Torchwood and thinking that's Ethan Rayne up to his old tricks. He also got a new generation of fans through his voice work on the Mass Effect games.
So sad. My thoughts and wishes for his family and friends.
” I really got to learn to just do the damage and get out of town. It’s the ‘stay and gloat’ that gets me every time.”

Wish you could have stayed, Robin

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This is terrible. I really enjoyed his voice work in video games. RIP

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Sad news. His performance made Ethan Rayne extremely memorable. It's bizarre to realise the character only appeared in four Buffy episodes.
The way he delivered those lines, "I remain, as ever, thy faithful, degenerate son," was phenomenal. I'd just started watching the series and this told me things just got real, just got 'adult'. His episodes are the ones I'd show to friends who'd dismiss the show.
Ethan Rayne has always been one of my most beloved characters from Buffy. He created highly memorable appearances within a span of 4 episodes, which is an extremely admirable feat. That's how I will remember him.
Terrible news, my thoughts go to his loved ones.
This is very sad news, he was one of my all time favorite characters on BtVS. He was also relatively young (he was a year younger than me). Now I want to rewatch his episodes on Buffy to mourn him (those were some of my very favorite episodes).
This is an extremely sad and distressing bit of news. I was just thinking about his phenomenal performances as Ethan Rayne the other day when writing a review on latest issue of A&F. It is devastating to find out the actor that made so much imaginative impact is no longer with us.
What a shame! I always dreamed about Joss making a Ripper show, and I'd hoped he'd be in it :(

Now when I show Buffy to my friends, I'll have to mention how he's no longer with us :( does anyone know what happened???
A smile always crept on my face whenever Ethan Rayne showed up. He was an actor that enjoyed what he did and made you remember him. I am deeply, DEEPLY saddened.
My thoughts are with his family, friends, and fellow fans.
Oh no, that is very sad news. Anyone who knows what happened? He was without doubt one of the best Buffy villains and one of the great voices. He also played some good parts in Babylon 5.
The world just got a bit less fun. I'm going to have to come back later, I can't see the keyboard properly anymore
Ughhh these are very sad, terrible news :( may he rest in peace.

I am currently doing a Buffy-rewatch (rewatch for me) with some friends who haven't seen the show yet, and we just saw "A New Man" - I am very sad now :( Ethan Rayne was a fantastic character, and Robin Sachs was the reason why (in addition to the writing of course)
Just watched "Halloween" a couple nights ago, going thru my C urse of the Hellmouth 2-pack. Only 62, well would have been today, missed it by about 4 days. You'll be missed; look up Reed and Harris and raise a starry glass.

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Very sad indeed.

The BBC have put up an obituary. "Buffy actor" is how we'll all remember him, though he was also a brilliant baddy in Galaxy Quest.

Far, far too young. :-(

He was the son of Leonard Sachs, of The Good Old Days music hall show, which older Brits may remember. He had a full career, but was so often under heavy makeup/prosthetics he didn't get the recognition he deserved.

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This is terrible news. I want to know how it happened.
Time for an Ethan Rayne marathon! R.I.P.
This is awful news. I met him at Hallowhedon 2 in London a few years back and he and Tony Head did a hilarious live commentary on Band Candy. He spent hours talking to fans outside the venue and seemed like a lovely man. Terrible news.
Rest in peace, Mr Sachs
The Buffyverse has lost entirely too many people, far too young: John Ritter, Glenn Quinn, Andy Hallett, Franco Urru and now Robin Sachs. It bums me out.
I always forget he was in Galaxy Quest, and I had no idea he was in Mass Effect. IMDBb tells me he was in the Lost World, Voyager, & Alias... plus a hundred other things. Such a veteran. Such a perfect villain. (He did great Minbari in Babylon 5, too; perfectly aloof.)

He'll be missed indeed.
That's very sad. RIP
Very sad news, condolences to his family and friends. He'll be greatly missed.
Every time I watch Jurassic Park: The Lost World I'm startled when I first see him. He's only in a couple scenes in the beginning (He's the father of the girl who discovers the compies) but it's fun to see him.

I sent Ethan to the Celtic Underworld in one of my stories - he forcefully ripped the Veil so he could steal Dagda's club and kill Buffy and Giles. He was a complex character, and Robin made him memorable.

He will be missed.
My condolences...I was really excited when the Ethan character reappeared.
RIP, the same in reply to JP2

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Wow, what terrible news to wake up to :( I found this on but it doesn't say what happened. I loved Ethan Rayne, and I wish they had done more than 4 episodes with him, it would have been a great arc. Perhaps he'll live on in the comics like Andy did.
Very, very sad news.
Like everyone, deeply saddened to hear this news - Robin as Ethan Rayne was one of the most memorable characters in Buffy. Condolences to his family on their loss.
Ktara: Well, Ethan currently ahjs an arc in the Angel & Faith title, even though he was killed early in S-8. (*and let's face it, Lorne is basically out of the comics for the most part now, which they decided to do shortly after Andy died.)

But not completely, which puts the comics ahead of future TV movies & spin-offs.
This saddens me. I always loved his portrayal of Ethan Rayne, and he was equally great as General Saris from Galaxy Quest. He will be missed. R.I.P.
He would have been 62 today.
Sad news. One of Buffy's best.
A great actor and a lovely, funny man. Whenever you saw Robin on the guest list for a convention you knew you were in for some hilarious Q and A's. RIP.
How sad,

One of my favorite characters on the show, was glad to see him do voice work for Chaos Bleeds.
If anyone wants to leave a message for Robin's family, they can do so here on his website.
What sad news. I always liked him quite a lot. :( way! RIP man.
prayers to family, truly shocking news! good bye ethan aka mr sachs
Sad news. His Ethan Rayne was one of those characters that made a huge impression in just a handful of appearances.
Really tragic. My thoughts to his loved ones.

"Enjoy the night. We're still a couple of sorcerers. The night is still our time."
This is such a shame. My condolences for his loved ones, and that obviously includes the entire Whedonverse.
Very sad. He made Ethan such a memorable character, it's always a surprise he was only in 4 episodes. RIP.
Terrible news. My sincere condolences to his family and friends.
I was so sorry to hear this. Just re-watched Halloween and The Dark Age a few days ago. Rest in peace, Mr. Sachs. My sympathies to your family and friends.
Sad news. I met him at Comic-con a number of years ago and he was a genuinely nice person. He will be missed.
Man, this is really sad news. I always loved Ethan, he was such a cool villain and a tie to this dark past that Giles had. Also, his voice was amazing in Mass Effect 2.

This is a great loss and my condolences to his family.

However, Death isn't an ending, its just another beginning.
How sad! We'll miss you, Robin. R.I.P.
Such a great Big Bad. Thank you Mr. Sachs.
Oh God! My friend just sent me a message about this and I rushed here to make sure. :(

Ethan was one of my favorites, his episodes I rewatched many times. I was heartbroken in BtVS S8 and now I am devastated. My thoughts are with his friends and family - I know fandom will mourn his loss.

RIP Robin.
I'm very sorry to hear that. :( I have been meaning to watch Galaxy Quest for years -- maybe this is the time to do so as a tribute to him.
Oh no, that's horrible. This really hits me. Not only did I love his Ethan Rayne character, but I always enjoyed the gravitas he brought to his appearances on Babylon 5, (A show that has also lost way too many of it's performers over the last few years..)

And there's another one that I haven't seen any one mention so far, (Not sure if that meant it was only in the UK version, or if most folks didn't see it because of the late time they showed it at..) but for many years he was the narrator of the Box Office America tv programme that would do a run down of the US top 10 every week. (Though I always think of it as Cinemaattractions as that was it's original title I think..)
In fact I was just thinking about this yesterday when I watched Titanic as I always used to enjoy his ad-libs on each show when Titanic was on top for yet another week. And I remember on Box Office America's last show he actually added a line asking if folks enjoyed the show to write in to appeal it's cancellation, so he obviously enjoyed doing it.

(Sigh!) He really did have one of the great voices. He's going to be missed..:(
In the fic I'll never, ever write, with Buffy, Willow, and Kennedy investigating spirtual happenings during a movie shoot, the "real" Buffyverse Robin is the first cast memebr they meet, followed by the "Real" ALexis.
This is so sad! I can't believe it. He was SO good on Buffy - I remember always getting excited when i would see his name in the opening credits. May he RIP.
Well, it's shocking to me that Robin's two dogs are already in an L.A. shelter and need adoption, but apparently that's the case. Their forever home would ideally be one in which the two, Fiona & Tiny, could live together.

Sad fallout of a sad death. Hopefully someone can get them soon.
I just saw this and am so upset!

I loved him on BUFFY, but I'm a big fan also because he read a lot of audiobooks. Only a few months ago I listened to G. J. Myers's The Tudors (a history of Henry and his brood), which he read. Come to think of it, he also read Myers's book on WW I. And he read Max Hastings's bio of Churchill during the war years. Oh! And he read the Johnannes Cabal detective book (which should be a just read for anyone who enjoyed Buffy and Angel).

I think I may relisten to Johannes Cabal the Detective to honor the memory of Robin Sachs.
I hope that fans out on the West coast will tweet and retweet this information to save Robin's dogs from the LA shelter (they need to be rescued by March 1st).
sad to read about Robin Sachs - I shared birthday with him Feb 5 and it was sad news to get. Another wonderful person from the cast of Buffy that we will miss - he will share a place on my annual altar along with Andy and the other Buffy & Angel cast members and FF writers that I loved.
This is very sad news. I think I may rewatch a couple of his episodes tonight. My condolences to his family.
So sad to hear this. A terrible loss for the Whedonverse family.

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