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February 05 2013

13 directors who work with the same stars. Many of Joss' actors have appeared in more than one of his projects. Who got special recognition in this list? Hint: has appeared in five so far.

Remember when Andy Umberger and Carlos Jacott were Joss' first simultaneous "hat-tricks?"

I knew it was going to be Nathan. It saddens me when Alexis gets overlooked. He's been in as many Whedon projects as Nathan (more than Amy), but he's never mentioned.
It's funny, but I was actually wondering just earlier today where the current stats stand in the Whedon Repeat Actor Registry.
Okay, help me. Firefly/Serenity, Buffy, Dr. Horrible, Much Ado, and what else? Or are we counting Serenity separately from Firefly?
Yes - that has been the tradition so far.
The top 3 reused actors are -
Nathan: Firefly, Serenity, Buffy, Dr. Horrible, and Much Ado
Alexis: Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Avengers, and Much Ado
Amy: Angel, Dollhouse, Cabin, and Much Ado
That picture is awesome.
There's actually a nice little chart for his repeat actors on the Joss Whedon Wikipedia article.
Joss is an executive producer in TV as well as a features director, so he's more likely to maintain a "repertory company" than films-only types, which is how this list is skewed. Just like Sheldon Leonard and Richard Linke, Lucille Ball, and especially Jack Webb did.
Tom Lenk was in 4 projects as well:
Buffy, Angel, The Cabin in the Woods, Much Ado About Nothing
I loved the pop culture articles that said "Joss will cast the usual suspects in SHIELD" and then he didn't.
Kind of surprised Christopher Nolan (Michael Caine, Christian Bale, Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and Kevin Smith (Ben Affleck, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes) didn't make the list. However, I suppose they haven't reached the level of prolific that the others have.
Summer Glau for four too.
Summer Glau for four too.

Five, actually - if you count the R. Tam Sessions.
Oh that means Joss appeared in five productions then.
Carlos Jacott also shared the inaugural hat-trick.
Thanks, jam2. Fixed my original post. And brinderwalt, those never occurred to me as separate, but you're absolutely right. If I'm remembering 2005 correctly, they were shot at a later date than the film, right? Which got me thinking of which actors played unique characters? That would eliminate many of the Firefly cast, and I'm sure there's a list out there somewhere...
I wish I knew how to quit you, Nathan!
I remember that Jonathan M. Woodward (Firefly, Buffy, Angel) was also part of the original "hat trick" trio of actors, back when the Whedonverse consisted only of those 3 main shows (if you don't count other Joss' projects at the time as a writer and script doctor).

And let's not forget Dobber, the (bad) horse. :-D He appeared in Dr. Horrible, Dollhouse and from what I've heard, even in some episode of Angel (I guess that it was either in 2x01 or somewhere during the gang's trip to Pylea). Now for a horse, that's truly a remarkable accomplishment worth of much respect and admiration. :-D

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That is a wonderful list of directors; I think that Joss can be proud to be in their company (and shouldn't hesitate to rehire the actors he knows and loves).
Nathan also had a cameo in The Cabin in the Woods -he was the "agent" on the roof as the kids drove away to their destiny.
Another good trivia question is which non Whedon show has had the most whedonites? House had a bunch, at least 8 or 9 in the first five seasons. Lie To Me had a few.
Um. I don't think that was him, MissKittysMom, in CITW. HIMYM and TBBT have had alot of Whedony guest stars.

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Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice have had a bunch, too. Amber Benson and Seth Green were both very good on Grey's (and Amber only had two or three short scenes, but if I still remember a guest star's storyline two years later, that's a good sign).

Amy Acker was good in an episode of Private Practice. Shame I quit watching the show around that time, because Emma Caulfield, Amber Benson and Alexis Denisof all appeared shortly after that point.
Did Amber's character die on Grey's? I remember hearing they like to have people play different characters between the 2 shows.

I stopped watching Grey's right after PP started, I think around the time most of the main character's original friends started leaving.
And Supernatural! Amy Acker, Julie Benz, Amber Benson, Mercedes McNab, Jewel Staite, Harry Groener, Felicia Day, Charisma and James that I can think of off the top of my head. Which is not bad at all :)
There were four "original" - that is, "Buffy," "Angel" and "Firefly" - hat-trick actors: Carlos Jacott, Andy Umberger, Jeff Ricketts and Jonathan M. Woodward.
Carlos Jacott, Andy Umberger, Jeff Rickets, Jonathon M. Woodward, and Kal Penn are the only actors to appear on both Buffy and Angel as 2 different characters. I think Jeff Rickets is the only one to appear on Angel as 2 different characters. (Watcher goon in Sanctuary, meat monster in Sacrifice.)
It always feels vaguely like cheating to me when you count actors who play the same character across different projects (e.g. James Marsters in both Buffy and Angel as Spike; Nathan Fillion in both Firely and Serenity as Mal).

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And Felicia has been in 3- Buffy, Dollhouse and Horrible.
eddy - (Grey's Anatomy spoilers for Amber Benson's episode, which aired sometime during season seven). Nope, Amber's character didn't die. She wasn't a patient on the show, her character's father was the patient, and they had a strained relationship. I haven't seen her episode of Private Practice but I know she played a different character on that show.
There are many ways how to look at this thing and count it, but in my personal view, Nathan and Amy are the top reused actors.

They both appeared in four different projects in four different (noticeable) roles. Nathan also played the same character in Serenity, which gives him a little advantage over Amy.

Alexis is right behind them, but because he played the same character on both Buffy and Angel and because he was virtually unrecognizable in the Avengers with very limited screen time, he's not quite there with Amy and Nathan. That's how I see it.

But as I already said, there many ways how to approach this thing. ;-) You can count it by projects, extent of a role, number of different portrayed characters etc. I guess that Eliza (Faith, Echo, Caroline, blind girl, singer, girlfriend, lover, wife, midwife, dominatrix…) would win the last category. :-D
Eddy: Persia White also played different characters on _BtVS_ and _Angel_ but her Buffy-appearance was not much more than a line and a scream and in the bigger part on Angel she wore her hair so close around her face you could barely see her. (Personally I think the second character was the older sister of the first one.)

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Here is an alphabetical and color-coded index of all the actors who have appeared in Joss projects (pardon the self-link):

And just now I was thinking that I'd have to go and do the same thing.

Thank you - that is awesome!
And, of course, Sarah Michelle Gellar made a cameo appearance in Dr. Horrible.

I'm going to get so much hate mail.
Danielm80; I wouldn't know about hate mail, but haven't they gone on record as saying it was someone else in Dr. Horrible?
Anuris--and, don't forget, as Buffy Summers in "Who Are You".
AndrewCrossett - your website is awesome - that must have taken some time.

Anuris - I think you sum up what I think nicely.
David Fury was once on Buffy, twice on Angel and once in Dr. Horrible.

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