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February 06 2013

Robin Sachs' dogs are looking for a new home. Fiona & Tiny are looking for new owners.

As you all have heard Robin passed last Friday. His beautiful dogs FIONA, 6 yrs old, gorgeous blonde pitbull, and TINY, 4 yrs old, slate gray pitbull/mastiff mix are at a shelter right now. They can stay there until March 1. They are in desperate need to find a good and new home. Please share their information. It would be incredible when the ladies can stay together. If you can't offer them a forever home, maybe you can offer them a safe foster home until a new home can be found for these two beauties.

Robin has given us so much joy. So lets safe his puppies and give them a great new home. Please spread the word. They already lost their owner. It would break my heart if they would lose each other as well or worse don't find a home at all.

All the info can be found here:

Thanks guys.

They look like sweet dogs. Sadly, it can be especially challenging to find forever homes for pitbulls or pitbull mixes. Every one I've come across, even those which were rescued from abusive situation, were really sweet, but pits still get so much bad press that many people refuse to even consider adopting one. I know that our local animal shelter does detailed behavioral assessments of each dog up for adoption and I wonder if it's possible to get some kind of behavioral assessment done for them to help reassure prospective new owners about what they can expect from these dogs. Here's hoping they find their way into a happy new home!
There are a lot of Whedon fans in and around LA who might be able to spread the word and help find a home for these dogs. I know it is hard to find homes for pit bulls (these are obviously carefully brought up, loving dogs, but a lot of people worry about the breed), but if we can get the word spread (quickly, they need a home by March 1st) then maybe we can help find them a good home.
Unfortunate. If this were happening five months from now, I would very much consider helping out--I'm planning to adopt in August anyway. I hope everything works out :\
Aw, puppies :( If they were in Australia, we'd take them in an instant! I do hope they get saved and can stay together.
As not everyone can see a facebook page, I hope that my posting this link isn't considered self-promoting. Salena got in contact with the people involved with this and put up more information, contact info and photos
Self-promoting is only against the rules in the main post. It's fine for comments.
Wish I could help. I already have a pit bull. We may get another dog in the summer, but no way we can handle three.
I am so glad to read this addendum on whedonopolis:

"UPDATE 2/6/13 4pm PST: A source says that the dogs will be picked up from the shelter today by Robinís ex (the police had placed them at the shelter when they entered his home). However, they STILL need a permanent home, so keep spreading the word!"

(I almost didn't post it here, 'cos I didn't want people to think that the need to find a forever home was any less urgent, but I know folks will be relieved to hear that they'll be out of the shelter. I wondered if maybe the situation - whatever it was -had moved too fast before the family could intervene, and so glad that at least the dogs - poor things - won't be under immediate threat of death.

BTW, can anyone tell me *why* police would auto-place pets in a kill-shelter *before* the family could get them? That doesn't seem right to me. And the police being there makes me: wonder. And: does anyone know if the cat in the photos was still alive & needed a home?)

This is a reminder to pet owners: make provision for your pets in case of an emergency, and make sure everyone you know knows *what* those provisions are.)
Well QuoterGal, when Robin Sach's body was found yesterday he had been dead for three to four days (according to the papers he died on February 1st), that would be 3-4 days when the dogs hadn't received food or water or been walked (maybe he had extra water available, but still you can imagine how stressed the dogs must have been). I imagine that they instantly called animal control. It does sound like Robin's ex came and got them quickly, which is a huge relief (because the shelter probably added to the stress and abandonment the dogs were feeling).

Thank you for letting us know; I am not a dog/pet owner myself, but it was breaking my heart to think of these beloved pets of his being in such a situation.

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To answer your question, QuoterGal, when someone dies and there is no one else living in the home, the police are required to see that the pets are taken to a shelter. If there had been someone else living there they would have probably left the dogs, but Mr. Sachs must have been living alone.

Pitties can be fantastic dogs. I hope they find a wonderful family or families to love them.

After my husband died suddenly, I made provisions for all our pets in case something unexpected happens to me as well. I wrote down who to call to pick them up, the number for their vet, special dietary needs, etc. It's posted in a prominent place in my house. I also gave copies to a couple of friends who have keys to my house. Hopefully it's enough...
Oh, thanks, embers - I hadn't realized that was the case with Robin - that they hadn't known for days. (That really is sortof the nightmare scenario for many folks, isn't it? That you'd be dead for days, and no one would know? That makes me feel even sadder about the whole sorry situation.) Poor lambs, all of them. I hope someone can take them, and together. I'm just so glad his ex is gonna grab them for now.

And also thanks, Amrita - that seems like a good way to handle it. I think I'll do something similar. Right now I assume way too much about what might happen when I go, and need to make sure there is little chance my furgals end up in a shelter or on the street.
Shared this on my FB page and tagged some friends who love Buffy and/or pit bulls. I hope it helps. I know these poor pups are missing their humans, and they don't need to be traumatized even more.
For what it's worth, has a great article today on the many myths surrounding Pit Bull dogs.

In Defense of the Pit Bull
Whedonverse fans and talent did a great job getting the word out. After thousands of tweets, shares and calls, Tiny and Fiona now have a family to call home. Robin is smiling from the other side.

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