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February 06 2013

Artist James Hance is painting each 'Firefly' cast member today. "Remember yesterday when I said 'Hey! How about on Wednesday I paint the entire crew of the good ship Serenity! You know - all 9 of them, in one day!" So far, Kaylee, Jayne, Shepherd, Zoe, and Wash have been completed. Jewel Staite and Adam Baldwin have tweeted their endorsements.

The linking URL will have to change after this painting marathon is over. Either start with the first painting or the last one.

Wow, this guy is impressive :) His Zoe captures her beauty, but his Book has a sadness to it. I love all of them, I just can't wait to see the rest! I hope someone shows these to Joss, he should see what he's inspired someone to do :D
Halfway through the sixth portrait and he was "getting a bit of a migraine" so decided to take a nap. The sixth portrait? River.

Those are some fantastic portraits! And how awesome that Jewel & Adam love them, too!
What stunning portraits.

He is a very talented watercolourist for sure. Love the softness in Zoe's portrait particularly.

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