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February 06 2013

Alan Tudyk on how Firefly could come back. Hypable's interview with Alan Tudyk asks questions such as how Wash could be brought back into the series.

He really is the show's most passionate advocate.
I may speak for myself: I'm wanting.
Wanting as well.
oh the feels :( i want firefly was cancelled when i was 10 years old and i haven't let it go since!

Heres hoping for an epic revival. The saddest thing about that would be that due to the fact that all the actors (Nathan especially) have aged it would be totally implausible to pick up right where they left off. But i desperately want them to. I love Wash so much it kills me to think he may not be in it if it were ever revived
Wash's twin brother, Dry.
Ha gossi, I burst out laughing at that one.
And don't forget his low-life, womanizing cousin Spin.
As someone who works in the Home Appliance business, I am loving the laundry humor.
I have a way to bring Wash back, in the movie they don't show them retrieving his body. So may be it was gone by the time they got back taken by the the government. They have access to all kinds of medical stuff even those fancy new organs. Then they can reprogram him as a spy or do other things with him it goes on and on.
I've always held that Wash had several cloned brothers, and one day Zoe sees one of them and freaks out.... But of course it turns out that the brother is some corporate wonk working for Blue Sky (Wash was the rebel who left home, wanting his individuality from all those cookie cutter brothers).
That is just my own personal theory/wish.

Of course of all our BDHs I think that Alan Tudyk is the one who could still pass for his 10 year younger self, and could do flash backs!
At this point you could just cycle through all the variants brothers and cousins.
If we're allowed Wash clones then you could turn it into a running gag and have the latest one killed off at the end of every season.

(I don't know if I'm laughing or crying at this idea - I think I might be becoming hysterical.)
I think a good approach is to have his presence only be seen by Zoe. She has private discussions with him in her personal space.
You know, I think that's the only way it would work.
@deathJim - I've always said that! Not the reprogramming but at least a prisioner part. I never thought it was a grave at the end, just a memorial.
More seriously, for it to work for me Wash has to be deader than... something very dead. (I should rewrite this, mummy). It would give Zoe something to wrestle with, dramatically. Not just something, lots of things.
As a footnote to my earlier post, I would like to see Enver Gjokaj take on the role of Serenity's new pilot Although it looked like that was going to be River.
Oh, Enver is totally the head of Blue Sun.
Oooh. I like that too.
I would pay money to see Mal, Simon and Mr Blue Sun in a room at the same time.
Butler, gossi Ok, so...Zoe is having a hard time dealing with Wash's death. She starts "seeing" him in weird places, like Mal goes to sit down at the controls, and Zoe yells because she thinks Wash is sitting there. Mal, concerned about her erratic behavior, talks to Inara, who recommends Zoe take some personal time on the next planet they come to.

But Zoe's hallucinations get steadily worse - now she's hearing him, too. She can't make out more than a few words - "baby...Zoe...why..." - and is really worried that she's cracking up. Finally the crew manage to locate someone from Book's abbey, who sits down with Zoe and spends a few hours talking to her. She (the shepherd) comes to the realization that Zoe isn't going insane (the last thing a warrior would want) but that Wash is caught in a temporal flux and is asking for their help to free him.

But it comes at a price - if they release his soul, he'll be actually dead. If they don't...he's stuck in a tortured hell existence until his soul is shredded completely. There is a very small chance that his soul could be reborn into another body, but no guarantee that Zoe would ever know who or where he ended up.
Nergh, I wouldn't put temporal fluxes in Firefly. That sounds too sci-fi.

My take - 20 years later, the Firefly crew are living on the ship still. We're filming digital and VFX done on home PCs to keep it cheaper. Set is digital. Netflix is funding this. Zoe has a kid. Kaylee and Simon have a kid. It's still totally dangerous, and a terrible place to raise children - but they're all tied to Wash in some way. They all see him all around. And it's sad. And inappropriately hilarious, obviously. I don't know how it ends.
Is there a chilcare provider so that the crew can still take jobs?
Or maybe the 8yr olds are part of the crew and they are really good with weapons and maintain a mature disposition, result of the environment
Well, in 20 years those kids would be... Young adults. In fact, chuck in a young Mal and you've got a mutiny waiting to happen.
oh yea!! so dysfunctional.
I think a good approach is to have his presence only be seen by Zoe. She has private discussions with him in her personal space.

My first idea upon first finishing the series/movie was that he and Book would still be around just like before, it's just that only River (+ the audience) would be able to see/hear them and occasionally she would have to channel them (in creeptastic fashion) so that the others would be able to communicate with them as well.

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Oh thanks for the link, brinderwalt, that WAS creeptastic! But personally I don't like the idea of our BDHs hanging around like ghosts (zombies are cool, but ghosts are lame).
I was thinking zoe's conscious, not dissimilar to Elvis in the movie True Romance
I really want to see this 'next generation' of kids on Serenity, mostly to hear Joss' dialogue. In Buffy Michelle Trachtenberg was an older Dawn than originally envisioned, and I just know that he could explore something new through the voice of children. There was a small hint of this in Molly in the comic Runaways, and I for one would love to see how Joss would speak through an even younger character.
Or they could do a crossover w/ "Dollhouse" and have Wash as a wedge in Zoe's mind. Or hell, they could do a different crossover with "Dollhouse" and just have Alan Tudyk as Alpha, who has somehow managed to survive through the centuries ...
Maybe Wash was Alpha!
Amrita, oh, that works - Alpha could have settled on Wash's personality to prevent his homicidal psychotic persona from coming out, used the nickname "Wash" to symbolize he'd washed himself clean, and then used the surname "Washburne" so that no one would suspect the true meaning of the nickname ...
If the picture of Alan at the bottom of the article is recent, as in shot for that interview, he totally could play himself 10 years younger. I don't want to get into how they could have him involved. But in my head, I imagine that during a lot of down time flying the ship while the rest were sleeping he made vids for his wife on the Cortex and Zoe watches them from time to time, listening to him wax poetic about flying, the black, her, life, ranting about Mal or Jayne, telling tales from flight school, his home, about kids, ect. And maybe she does continue talking to him in her head. He had a unique viewpoint that I don't think she'd want to let go of even though he's gone. So I don't doubt that sometimes she asks herself, What Would Wash Do... after he got dont snarking. WWWDAHGDS... maybe too many letters for a bracelet...?
PS I adore that they cast speak about Firefly like they do. It would probably be so much easier for them to laugh it off when asked about it coming back and saying things like they've moved on, it's over, ect. just to stop being asked about it. But they don't. So I feel less alone (and less crazy) for still missing it.

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