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February 07 2013

Glasgow Film Festival to show second screening of Much Ado About Nothing. There will be another screening at 8.45pm on Sunday, February 24th. Tickets are expected to sell out fast. UPDATE: The screening is now sold out. Btw the GFF press release sent to us said that the movie would be out on general UK release from Friday, 14th June.

Really looking forward to the DVD release. Date please?
Neat. Some dates for international markets starting to appear.
This is AWESOME!!!
There. Pure and Simple.
I take it Joss won't be at the 2nd showing?
can't wait....yah! modern shakespeare with a whedon twist thumbs up.
So is that the tickets sold out already? That's certainly the message I get now..
Jas, are you going for the Cineworld showing? That's the new one.
Yeah, that was the one I tried to book, and it came up with a message saying there was a problem as "Unfortunately there are not enough seats available. Please select another event." Have tried it booking just one ticket too, and it comes up with the same message..
Oh! I'd be tempted to phone the booking line and ask them. I guess it's possible it sold out again already.
Yeah, I just did. It's official. The Glasgow showing is sold out again!
Finally! Friday 14th June going in my diary.
Yeah, I just did. It's official. The Glasgow showing is sold out again!

Yes the organisers have confirmed that it's sold out and they're not expecting Joss to attend the second screening.
Based on how many people in the comments section that want to go but couldn't get a ticket, they could probably fill another theater. Just putting that out in the universe.
General release? Now those are words I was longing to see!
Does anyone know when it'll be general release (or limited) in the states?

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