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February 08 2013

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's solicitations and covers for May. Buffy #21 and Angel & Faith #22 are released in May.

Wow! I love Buffy covers. Willow looks a lot like Alyson Hannigan.
Yay! The gang is back together! I can't believe the season is almost over!
I like the the opposing forces covers for Angel & Faith. The Jeanty Buffy cover has an epic, last stand feel to it.
Wow. Now both of those look incredible! How exciting!
Seriously pumped for these. Nice observation on the A&F 'opposing forces' imagery Simon.

Love that Willow's back. Seems pretty clear that the "something very dear" is Dawn at this rate. Can't wait to see the gang back together and fighting as a unit....
Wonder where Illyria and Koh went though. Also glad Simone didn't just disappear but is actually in with Sev in this.

Also, is Whistler the one with the horns? What the heck did I miss there?

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Pretty sure that Whistler's mom had horns, so it could be that Whistler's whole evolution-on-crack scheme caused him to sorta mutate/evolve.
Boy, those blurbs sure give away the house.
Yup, Whistler's mom was a big bad horny demon while his dad was a sort of a Celestial. I like that his face is all drowned in blue fire on this cover, while the big (Hellboy-style) horns stick out. Now, I would prefer for Whistler to not go completely face heel turn eeevil, but to retain his balance duality, but won't bet on it with DH adherence to shock and awe style. I know how many would want him to be portrayed as bad bad - always bad though.
That is the best Jeanty cover in a long time, and I will be so insanely happy if Xander returns to being the Watcher he was in Season 8!
I wonder if Angel and Faith are going to change their minds about resurrecting Giles. That seems to be where that story is headed. Either way, I'm stocked!
Judging by the covers, it looks Willow is going to get her mojo back.
The solo Willow cover is gorgeous, but did we lose Spike somewhere already?
Awesome covers.
I particularly love the one from Jeanty, I can't wait to read this final arc !
The A&F covers are great, as usual.
I like Jeanty's cover "back to S8" feels. You think they'll try a San Francisco squad plot as it should have been instead of whatever we got in S8 (to quote Kennedy)

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