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February 08 2013

25 Shows you want remade and revived. TVLine asked their readers what shows they would like to see brought back and why. 2 Whedon shows make the list.

I'd almost like to see a revival of the Buffy movie, during her time at Hemery High - discovering she's the slayer, adapting her life, and taking ownership over her destiny. There isn't enough of a timeframe there to make that a show, though. But I can't imagine any Buffy revival without Joss Whedon's involvement. Obviously.
The only shows I'm interested to see in revived form are in no particular order:

Veronica Mars

Not listed:
Dead Like Me (despite the film) and Joan of Arcadia.

Remades are not my cup of tea (or jo). Never liked the remakes of Battlestar Galactica, Sherlock, Elementary and the list goes on.

But the number one to revive: Las Vegas. That show ended badly. And evil.
I'd watch the FBI pitch for "Veronica Mars" set at a time later enough that Kristen Bell would just be an FBI agent without it being peculiar. Or ditch it and make a straight up PI show that inherits the settings of the original. Bet you could get most of the principals back.

I was ready for a "Buffy" reimagining/reboot when there was actual reason to think one might happen, but the rage dwarfed even the BSG fans by comparison. It's not even on the radar to do it on TV unless 20th feels like doing it without Joss at all, because I doubt it would be on his list even if he wasn't Marvel's ringmaster of TV/film for the next few years.
I'd love to see more Wonderfalls.

As far as the Buffyverse goes, I'm really happy with the show we got .... if something new is going to happen in that 'verse, I'd prefer a filmed version of Fray (could be movie, TV, or miniseries--I'm not picky).

I'm also still sad that Journeyman was canceled ... though sometimes I think I'm the only person in the world who watched that show. It never seems to get mentioned on these lists.
I don't get it. If they've seen Alias and don't want a reboot, but a revival...well...Jack can't come back unfortunately.
I'm with those who want Firefly, Veronica Mars, and Wonderfalls, I loved those shows. But really, does anyone really want Facts of Life, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, and Full House back on the air (*shaking my head in disbelief*)? I'm surprised that Twin Peaks, and Pushing Daisies weren't on the list... those were so original and amazing.
Just add an extra badge and a tacky badge. What is the ratio between good/bad shows that have been remade or revived?
Dark Angel would be right up there with Firefly for me. Firefly will probably always be my first choice, given returning writers/actors, etc.
Not remakes actually, some (or most) of them maybe not even revivals, but...

I'd like to see (besides Firefly, of course, and postapocalyptic season 6 of Angel with Oz and vampire Gunn) the Faith spin-off that never happened... or Ripper, for that matter.

I'd also like to see Tru Calling continuing at least for a full second season – the writers of that show had (as given away by Doris Egan) such good ideas for the future…

It would be even nice to see more of Marti Noxon's Point Pleasant...

All of this actually forms together one big paradox, because the Faith spin-off didn't happen because of Tru Calling and Tru Calling was then cancelled so it could be replaced by Point Pleasant... which was later also cancelled... all by our beloved Fox. :-D Well, at least they gave Dollhouse and especially Fringe a proper chance. ;-)

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Angel and Quantum Leap were my two favourite shows of all time, So they're a given. Also would have liked to have more Veronica Mars, Joan of Arcadia and Wonderfalls, as they all had a certain quality to them that I quite liked.
Scarecrow and Mrs King it's a bit late for, but I understand the sentiment as Bruce Boxleitner and Kate Jackson were amazing together. In fact Castle has often reminded me of that show..
You know what this list is missing? Strange Luck - now there's a kick-ass concept just waiting for a revival.

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MacGyver? Why?
I found it to be an odd list. Who even thinks about Scarecrow and Mrs. King to bring it up? A show I would have liked to see on this list is Human Target building off of season 1 and not the expanded cast of season 2.
In addition to Firefly, of course, I would love to see more Joan of Arcadia. I adored that show and was so upset when it was cancelled!
Pushing Daisies really deserved more life too
Firefly goes without saying. How could they forget 'Better Off Ted' or 'The Unusuals'?

After Firefly the show I miss most is 'Life'. Its final episode was one of the best hours of TV ever, right up there with Objects in Space.

Agree about Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Veronica Mars. So many great shows on that list.
*lol* Well, actually, a remake "Scarecrow and Mrs. King" sounds like fun to me ("Moonlighting" even more btw), because it's been gone a long time. Of course it would have to be way different, but to see a show like that with an "old school" concept again could be charming. Obviously, I'm alone in this, but I'd check it out.

And as much as I adored "Wonderfalls": It had closure and it feels complete. There was just one episode I didn't love and I'm glad it never got to go downhill. I'd gladly watch more "Firefly", of course, because there would obviously be a lot more stories to tell, but I'm satisfied with what I got, too.

"Veronica Mars" is the show I'm really still not over. It just didn't feel like the end. That's even worse than seeing a show not fulfill it's potential or going way too long. If you follow the characters for 3 season, you want to get a proper ending... The finale of "Angel" on the other hand I was weirdly ok with. Don't know why.

A "Buffy" revival one day would actually cool, with Joss Whedon involved, of course, or at least with his consent. I could have seen the show go on like "Doctor Who" actually, at one point. It would have been brilliant to get introduced to a new slayer and a new Scooby Gang, after a couple of seasons, with old characters coming back for anniversaries. That would have been epic and they would get to reinvent it again & again. Well, there's "Fray"...

"Twin Peaks" I wouldn't dare to touch, because it's too classic.
@Amrita have you seen Andy Richter Controls the Universe? It's often referred to as the creative predecessor of "Better Off Ted", because it was created by Victor Fresco, also stars Jonathan Slavin (Phil) and offers a similar hilarious surrealist take of office work at a soulless conglomerate. If you're looking for more "Better Off Ted" and haven't seen it yet I would definitely recommend giving it a try.
Actually it was three - long ago - UK TV shows that popped to mind .. The Champions, Press Gang and ....

Blakes 7 .. :)

*These suggestions are followed by silence .. and a few rolling tumbleweeds ..* :)

Oh well, all the other good suggestions have been mentioned already -- I especially liked the "Las Vegas" suggestion..

Now that you bring up UK shows MeyrinkM, Black Books is a series I would really like to see more of.

The US series I would most like to see more of at the moment probably are Terriers, Sports Nights, Veronica Mars and Arrested Development. So I'm very happy that at least that last one will actually return this May.
Veronica Mars is one of my favourite shows and I still miss it, but the series finale of that show was surprisingly fitting. It's one of my favourite episodes, actually. Not that I would say no to more Veronica, provided that Keith, Wallace, Mac, etc. also returned.
I am still waiting for an episode of Tru Calling that has Jack dead and asking help of Tru. It was a great show, I still remember how excited I was for each episode.
Groosalug- I never saw Andy Richter Controls the Universe, but now I will. Thanks for the rec!

The second season of Better Off Ted never even made it to DVD. I have it carefully preserved on my Tivo...
Firefly and Veronica Mars are the only two shows on that list I'd both want to see revived, and that could reasonably be revived. They'd have to fast-forward several years into the future with both, however. Hard to believe it's been almost 11 years since Firefly aired. :-(

I hope they'd abandon the plan to have Veronica Mars become an FBI agent, though. She's way too much of an independent-minded rules-breaker to do well in that environment. Still, the networks just can't resist turning every show into a procedural.

I hate remakes. I think 99% of the time they're just lazy money-grabs with no creative consideration at all except "give the audience a familiar-sounding name, and they will come." The only exceptions are shows that had a good concept but were badly executed the first time, or that were constrained by the technological limitations of the time (special effects, etc.)

"Battlestar Galactica" is one successful example of this. "Doctor Who" is another (although that's a revival, not a reboot.) Something similar could be done with "Lost In Space." It would be interesting to see how that show might have gone if the producers hadn't decided early on that they didn't have the budget to do a credible dramatic show, and switched over to campy comedy instead. However, I'd hope this remake would be more focused on the adventure aspect and less on the angst and the mythology like "Galactica" was.

"Logan's Run" would be another good candidate for an update.

It will be an unpopular opinion, but I confess I'd like to see one more season -- even 13 episodes -- of "Heroes," just to tie up the storyline. I'd like to see what happened with Claire and Gretchen's relationship. You'd need to get Bryan Fuller to run it, though.

I would like to see the Buffy movie re-made according to Joss's script. Directed by him or Drew Goddard. We'd have to get used to the fact that SMG wouldn't be able to play Buffy, though. I would definitely bring back Stephen Root as rambling guidance counselor Gary Murray... he was the best thing about the original movie, along with Kristy Swanson's beautiful legs. Oh, and I'd cast Kristy as Buffy's mom, because I think she was unfairly criticized for a movie that was bad not because of her, but mostly because of the Kuzuis' cluelessness and Donald Sutherland's meddling.

ETA: Turning to British TV, I'd also like to see one more series of "Blackadder." It would be set in the London of the Swinging Sixties and feature Edmund Blackadder as a bored mid-level executive who decides to try and get rich as a music promoter.

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Where is the Cop Rock love?
Twin Peaks would be my choice, series 1 is the best TV I have ever seen, series 2 was a mess but I would love to see more of that universe.

Buffy without Joss and current actors would probably make me physically sick!

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