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February 09 2013

Sorting Les/Bi characters into Hogwarts houses. Of no real moment, but fun nonetheless, see Willow and Tara get sorted into one of the 4 Hogwarts Houses. And Willow gets to be head!

Marissa Cooper from The OC as a death eater? That's hilarious.

Fun lists, but Emily from Pretty Little Liars should be in Gryffindor. That girl is brave (and also my favourite from that show, even though I love Hanna and Spencer too).
Now I'm wondering which ajahs they would fall into.
Or what worker group they would fall into a la Divergent...
Darn, I think Wesley was counting on being head boi . . . , girl . . . , whatever.
Julie Benz is on there too.

brinderwalt, hopefully they don't all get typecasted Red.
I don't know who of a bunch of these characters are, and there are also some that I didn't realize were gay or hi. At first I thought there was no way they got every character, but with so many I've never heard of they must have gotten pretty darn close.
Here's a challenge. Try to find how many times Lucy Lawless is on there! I've got 3 so far.
How is River Song bi?
^ I was wondering the same thing!
@abbyicebox I don't think there's anything in the show to that effect, but Moffat has said she is.

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So happy to see Betty in Gryffindor (Bomb Girls is awesome)
Angela for Bones really shouldn't be in Ravenclaw. Not to say she isn't smart, but she's more defined by her free-spirit than anything. Gryffindor seems like a much better fit. Also, Irene Adler should be in Slytherin, hands down. And why is Tara Maclay in Hufflepuff?
does anyone know who "she who must not be named is?"
does anyone know who "she who must not be named is?"

I believe that's Ilene Chaiken. Pretty much despised by lesbians on the net for whatever she did that they hated on The L Word (I think she killed a beloved character, amongst other things).
deepgirl, I think Tara is a classic Hufflepuff, but I'd love to hear where you think she should go and why! Maybe a Neville-like story in Gryffindor...? (Irene Adler, though, yeah, Slytherin 100%. And she would never EVER be a Gryffindor as in the article. If not Slytherin, then Ravenclaw, but not Ravenclaw either 'cause have I mentioned she's 100% Slytherin.)
I think placing Tara in Hufflepuff might be controversial because Hufflepuff gets a bad rap -- no interesting characters in the HP books from there. Except, the actual description suits Tara really well, and it sounds like it would be a good home for exceptional people.

Aside: I find that S7 blonde-dyed pic of Willow to be really unflattering, and wish that it weren't constantly showing up everywhere (like on the DVDs, etc.). Willow always looks amazing but I think this is one of the least-amazing pics of her.
I seems like a lot of efford was put into this sorting.

They forgot Sharon Tyler from "Wonderfalls" though.
I happen to like Hufflepuff (more than Gryffindor on some days), my issue is that I don't think her personality really fits with that house. Honestly, I have trouble sorting her into any of the houses; she has traits that reflect more than just one.

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