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February 09 2013

Five potential S.H.I.E.L.D. guest stars. lists 5 people they would like to see on the show.

David Tennant is a very interesting suggestion, except that it would feel like deja vu. On Doctor Who he dealt with something pretty similar to SHIELD, a group called UNIT. Just the other night I rewatched the episode where UNIT unveiled their version of the helicarrier.

So anything that differentiates him from that would be good. Maybe he could be a villain. He can definitely play creepy.
Are you my mummy?
Non-genre tv actors on lists like these would be a nice change. I'd like to see Richard Schiff guest.
Lizzy Caplan, anyone? Nathan & Cobie I'd also like to see, but David Tennant would be an awesome treat. Imagine what he could do with a Joss script...

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veraishq, Caplan and Bradford! They looked damn good in Item 47, so I hope to see them guest-star at least
I've always wanted to see Kristen Bell in something Joss. And Jason Dohring's not doing much. I'll add Benedict Cumberbatch just for fun. :)
swanjun, "Veronica Mars trains for the FBI but is recruited into S.H.I.E.L.D. instead" just became my new headcanon. THANK YOU.
Right, Bradford, too. :)

@swanjun: Can someone start all those casting rumours, please?
Simon, I've always assumed that these wish lists are A) written by geeks mostly familiar with genre actors and B) shaped by who's willing to do genre. Not everyone is. I once heard Edward James Olmos tell the story of how he'd almost passed up on Battlestar Galactica: he'd already done the best SF ever, Blade Runner, and so why would he go back to genre? (His quality assessment, by the way, though I kind of agree with him.) Under this criterion, Bradley Whitford thus seems much more likely than Schiff because Whitford did Cabin.

But the skepticism is dropping. Kenneth Branagh directed Thor, after all. So you have a point.

...Did I just out-argue myself?
Well Richard Schiff did recently guest star on Once Upon a Time.
And David Tennant!
Kristen Bell on S.H.I.E.L.D.? Yes please!

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