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"Miss Rosenberg. How lovely to see you again. Have you done something with your hair?"
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February 11 2013

(SPOILER) Video Preview of Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion on Castle. Gina Torres and Nathan Fillion reunite on screen on tonight's episode of Castle.

Is it 10.00PM yet?
I really hope she calls him sir at some point.
It's kind of the opposite for me. I'm hoping that she decks him...
@Cap & Egghead - She could do both.
Maybe she'll insist upon sleeping with him :P
Oh I love this, and now I'm super excited about tonight's Castle!
If there was a Firefly shout out in this episode, I missed it. I was hoping to hear her say, "Sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing." They could have worked that in there somehow, couldn't they?
Eden It was very subtle - when Rick & Kate were talking about gifts on the way to the crime scene, right before he suggested a lightsaber as a perfect gift he said "A pony? A rocket?"

Disappointed in this episode as a whole. Tired of Gates being, as my friend put it, a "doofus," tired of the old "guy screws up gifts to two different women and then has to try to get them straightened out" gag, and the reality-show subplot was too corny.

The best part was Kate's gift to Rick.
I also kept waiting for a Firefly shout out from Gina. I thought Nathan looked well rested in last nights episode. Lately he has looked a little tired.

And I loved Kate's gift to Rick as well. The look on his face was wonderful.
Is it just me or does Gina look slimmer now than she did while playing Zoe and Jasmine? (not that either is bad :))
I either missed or could not make out the "pony/rocket" line so thanks for the clarification on that.

And I kind of liked seeing Gates as a bit of a non-elite pop culture loving doofus and prefer it to just being the non-personality hardass captain she started out as.

And I also thought Beckett's gift to Castle was the best part. And it fits in well with a cop's salary, a nicely believable, though I'm sure entirely coincidental, touch for a TV show.
I was really hoping for a "Take me sir. Take me hard" but that would have been tough to work in there.....but I wish there would have been a little more than the pony/rocket line!

Otherwise I liked the ep. Not the best ep ever but far from the worst. Thought it was hilarious that Gates liked reality TV and hooked Castle on it. And Kate's gift was definitely the best! LOVED it!

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