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February 11 2013

(SPOILER) Summer in Hawaii. Summer Glau guest stars in Hawaii Five-0 tonight. Since she's playing the daughter of a martial arts master, we'll get to see her in action. Marked Spoiler so we can discuss the show after it airs.

Here's a preview/promo with Summer.

ETA: the promo link provided by brinderwalt.

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10pm EST is going to be a fun time for all you U.S. dwelling Firefly aficionados out there...

Fwiw there's an episode promo.
What are the odds she ends up somehow insane before the end of the episode? Not for nothing, I heard of some fan drive to see her cast as Mara Jade, which would be perfect if I still thought the character was going to exist and/or be needed. Anywho, her being in it will probably be enough to get me to watch Hawaii 5.0, at least on demand.
Yes, Summer Glau's character gets to fight, as seen in the promo trailer!

You'll notice that her name in Hawaii Five-0 is Maggie Hoapili, which means she plays an Hawaiian.

Can't wait to see this episode!

BTW, H50's showrunner posted via twitter two stills from the episode:

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Thanks, brinderwalt. I've edited the entry to include the trailer you provided.
What are the odds she ends up somehow insane before the end of the episode?

Her Reaver face in that first promo pic is priceless, imo.

Thanks, brinderwalt.

No need to mention it (since these comments don't go anywhere) but your welcome all the same!
I know she seems to get typecast as emotionless/emotionally challenged waif-fu girl all the time, but I really love seeing Summer Glau kick ass. I've never watched this show, but I think I'll tune in for this one.
Waif-Fu I am fine with, especially since she's also gotten to subvert waif-fu a bit as Cameron. Terminators being clobbering juggernauts and such in the occasions they hit stuff. I just wish she didn't always seem stuck ending up all damaged.
"I've never watched this show, but I think I'll tune in for this one."

Same here.
I've never gotten into 'Hawaii 5-0' (I only watch when there are special guest stars on, like tonight), but I hope tonight is the show that makes me love it!
Heh-heh, she wins, too. (Interesting they're taking advantage of how Summer like Elisabeth Rohm and a couple silent era German actors, has these almost Eurasian features from certain angles.)

Wish I could wish my all-female remake of Werewolf of London set in Boston into being made. It would be a good showcase for her to demonstrate to the public what she can do in a very different part, in this case the wife of a PhD candidate.
I watched the episode from DVR last night. Summer did a fine job and it would have been nice to have more of her. I though most of the few fight moves they did give her did not look that martial artsy, at least to my untrained eye. I'm not sure "clotheslining" is an ancient tradition though I'm sure it's quite effective. Definitely not the Serenity fight choreographer, though.

Overall, though, the episode (my second one of the new Hawaii 5-0) made me a bit sad for all the good actors there who used to have juicy, challenging roles - BSG, Firefly, Heroes (well, at least at the start) - who are now stuck in a very regular cop show. Hopefully the better paychecks and very nice scenery make up for it.
Mondays's episode of Hawaii Five-0 was a treat. Guest Star Summer Glau pulled a remarkable, intense and emotional performance as Maggie Hoapili. She got a chance to prove that Maggie was a kick ass girl, even injured.

H50 stunt coordinator Jeff Cardiente and his stunt team did a really good job with the fight scenes. Summer had some great scenes with the Five-0 team, especially with Chin Ho Kelly (played by Daniel Dae Kim), Kamekona and the other MMA fighters.

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