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February 11 2013

The Monomythology of Buffy. An actual chart of how Buffy the Vampire Slayer fits in to Joseph Campbell's theory of the 'monomyth'.

I really enjoyed this chart of the different parts of the BtVS movie, and different episodes of the BtVS TV show. I think it is beautifully done (something new to enjoy and discuss). Of course I never get tired of Buffy.

I am not familiar with this whole 'monomyth' thing, but from where I stand that's quite interesting, although the first 6 or so fit better than the rest. IMO, Buffy's death was her 'mastery' of sorts, you know, the whole final accepting of her calling and giving her life for the world's safety... And then she is resurrected and depressed and so she has to go down the same road again, accepting her calling again...
Huh ,since then were the private lj posts legit here ? I realize fanon rules most of the herald content, but here it is a novelty.
It's not a private LJ post (in the sense that it's not flocked) and embers asked the LJ user if it was ok to post the link here. And we've always posted links to LJ entries if they are link-worthy and the user says it ok.
OK then, just making sure innocent bystanders are aware of that a hardcore fanon interpretation can be very special.
Touched as I am by your concern, I think our readers know an opinion when they see one.
I know I have read previous articles which contextualized Buffy in the world of Joseph Campbell and The Hero with a Thousand Faces, but for the life of me I cannot remember where. Slayage, probably.
Thanks for the link, embers. That was an interesting discussion.
Fascinating! Thanks much for the link. It's leading me into yet another aspect of Buffy, and I love it.
I've been obsessed with Buffy fitting with Joseph Campbell's Monomyth for a very long time. Therefore, this chart is a glorious dream come true for me. SO MUCH YAY!
Many thanks to embers for the rec, and to everyone else who left their thoughts.
Here it is!

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