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February 23 2004

Astonishing X-men #1 (Dynamic Forces) cover. Not a clue if it's the official cover or not but it's whetting my appetite for Joss Whedon's debut in May (via MediasharX).

Nice cover, very nice cover. Think I'll actually buy this comic book monthly instead of going for the TPB.

Mmm, monthly.
I used to spend way too much money on comics, then I went to college and couldn't do that anymore. But Joss writing X-Men is combining two of my favorite things. Might have to buy this myself, and hope it doesn't extend into needing to buy all the X titles again like I used to.

Anyone know where I can get these online? My local comic shop is no longer in existence.
Nice cover. And I appreciate things that are nice in their simplicity but on the other hand, it's not exactly knocking me over with it's originality;-)

Btw, is that Logan's old blue glove? Are we going back to the colorful costumes? That would surprise me.

Oh and has some good links for buying online I think. (Never used it though, still go to the stores. I'm kicking it old school, heheheh.)
If you're in Chicago, Rootboy, there's several shops worthy of supporting.
I kinda agree with EdDantes, that's not all that interesting a cover. Nicely drawn and colored, but Logan's claws with a lens flare doesn't make for exciting. As I understand it though, that's a Dynamic Forces exlusive alternate cover for this issue, so hopefully the regular mass-market edition will be more interesting.

I still dunno if I'm gonna get back into the messy continuity of the X-books just for Joss (if he was writing an "Ultimate" version or if Marvel had given him something in the MAX line, I'd be there no question). At the very least, I'll borrow it off of my Marvel-loving friend Lisa, but I haven't decided if I'm gonna pay for my own copies.
Not in the City, but suburbs. Still if you know of a good shop, I am happy to once again begin the downward spiral into comic buying land. At least as addictive as crack, but without all those nasty side effects.
Recently have been doing the graphic novel thing, but it just isn't pure enough...

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