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February 11 2013

That's a wrap on S.H.I.E.L.D.. Maurissa Tancharoen announces a wrap on S.H.I.E.L.D. on Instagram

Personally I think they should retitle S.H.I.E.L.D because it might confuse people too much with FXs The Shield.
I hope this becomes a major hit for ABC. I remember ABC President Paul Lee talking about Joss Whedon as a writer at a conference. at 37:24

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Were you thinking something to make a distinction like Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D, or a more descriptive title like Spies in a Superhero World Setting?

I think they should rename it John Carter of Mars.
I would say that as a result of the Marvel Universe movies, far more people are aware of S.H.I.E.L.D. than The Shield.
The last episode of The Shield aired in 2008 and had less viewers than Dollhouse did by the looks of it. Which isn't meant as a slam of either show; ratings and quality often don't meet.
But S.H.I.E.L.D is a royal pain to type... and actually I do think The Shield was one of those shows that had awareness outside of the people who actually watched it.

But anyway, now they can get started on rewriting the pilot to make it "more easily understood" and "easier to consume"... like Jello.
In computer-literate times such as these I think that acronymic caps are more than adequate to make the distinction.

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Unorthodox typography never hurt M*A*S*H. People can just call it "Shield" or "that shieldy show".
Or just SHIELD. If it works for the FBI, or the CIA - or the ÖBB...

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BringIton5x5: I use the Caps Lock for that stuff.
Now we play the waiting game. If its as good as we hope, I expect a pick up before the May upfronts.

Edited to add, Is Joss standing on a box in the background or is he just that tall?

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I can't wait to see what these gals (I'm tired of saying guys, guys) cook up.
I definitely expect to hear about the pick up before Comic Con, where I expect them to air the pilot for the first time. I wish Maurissa and Jed didn't look so grim, but I think it is a pose to show how they are now spies in a Super hero world setting (thanks OneTeV for the description). Joss certainly looks satisfied (even a little smug) which is all good IMO.
I thought Mo was posing like a super hero actually.
It may also be The Pose of Tiredness.
My S.H.I.E.L.D guest star wish list are Emily Van Camp and Hayden Panettire. Both would be perfect for a Joss Whedon show. There's just one problem: both are starring in ABC shows already (Revenge, Nashville) and Emily Van Camp (who really should be a big movie star because she has a lot of charm) has just been cast in Captain America 2.

Emily would have been great in Dollhouse.

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I've been writing it as SHIELD. All the actual alphabet soup I've seen from the government avoids the periods, anyway.
I refuse to use the periods in a preemptive strike before it becomes nonsense like the asinine hyphen in Spiderman (which I also refuse to use).
No no, the Spider-Man hyphen is real. The SHIELD periods are not though.

Grammatical canon wars of 2013!
redders, I fully endorse calling it "The Shieldy Show."

Also, my heart leapt to my throat when I saw "That's a wrap." For a second I was afraid it had been cancelled already.
That would be sort of hilarious. "Oh god, this show has literally zero ratings and Whedon is on it? CANCELED."
We know that Jed, Maurissa and Jeff are going to be the showrunners on the show and Joss is going to write and direct the pilot. However, Jeph Loeb is also pictured in the shot do we know what his producer role will be on the show?

Also, which Whedonverse writers are going to come back and be on the staff for the show. I would like to see Andrew Chambliss and Jane Espenson return. I am guessing Tim Minear can't because of his Fox contract. Is there anyone else we would like to see return?
Also, on the acting front now that Alphas is canceled I would once again like to see Summer Glau doing something in SHIELD.
Jane Espenson and Andrew Chambliss are already writers (and if I'm not mistaken, producers also) for Once Upon A Time. Same network, but I don't know that it leaves time for a second show. But yes, if it could work out, that would be pretty nifty.
I think Jeph Loeb is a producer because he's the head of Marvel TV. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kevin Feige with a producer credit too.
I would retitle it, "The Avengers: SHIELD" from a marketing perspective people might watch it because it has The Avengers in the title.

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I would retitle it, "The Avengers: SHIELD" because from a marketing perspective people might watch it because it has The Avengers in the title.

But wouldn't that raise pretty concrete expectations that you're going to get the Hulk, Iron Man et al.? I think there's actually more risk than reward in associating the show too concretely with the movies. If it's going to survive it has to work on its own logic. Even though you're right that it would probably help get people on board for the pilot.
It's coming...IT'S COMING!
Espenson is currently a consulting producer on OUAT which means she is not always in the room. However, SHIELD would be her 3rd show as she his heavily involved in Husbands. Chambliss has worked on a couple shows at once before and works on Buffy comics.

I just can't wait to hear who else is writing this story.
Husbands isn't exactly as heavy an ongoing concern as a 22-episode a year TV show.
I am concerned with calling the Avengers movie "the Avengers" in view of the vast confusion that could arise between that and the great John Steed and Emma Peel spy series of that name. Fortunately the Marvel was clever enough to recognize the conflict and sidestep it be naming the movie "Marvel's the Avengers".
How about Marvel's S.H.I.E.L.D?

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