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February 12 2013

Happy Birthday Enver Gjokaj! Dollhouse's Victor turns 33 today.

This guy needs more work. Someone fire his agent, please.
Someone gift this man a show for his birthday please! It's a special day and deserves something nice :P
So does his twin!
They'd be good on S.H.I.E.L.D. :D
Happy Birthday to one of the most versatile actors I've ever seen on screen!
Happy Birthday to a tremendously talented performer!
Happy Birthday! Please come back to a TV screen near me for 7 seasons or so! :)
All the very best to Enver and his twin. Also we need to see him on the screen again, regularly.
Happy birthday Enver of the unpronounceable last name.
Just had a conversation with a coworker yesterday in which we both agreed Dollhouse was basically a 26-hour acting reel for this man. Incredible.
My worst nightmare has Enver never being recognized for how brilliant he is.
Why isn't he in all the shows and movies? Definitive proof that Hollywood is insane.
He popped up recently in some lawyer show on...ABC, I think it was. Whatever that one with Kyle Maclachlan was called. I watched two episodes one night because he was in them. It was a nice surprise. And he wasn't playing an insane soldier! He was a lawyer, from a rival firm I think.

When my friend was up on vacation last summer we watched the Dollhouse episodes with Summer because I wanted her to see Victor programmed as Topher. She was really impressed by how well Enver imitated Fran's voice and mannerisms.

I agree with everyone that he needs to be a regular on a quality show.

Erbine It's "Joe-ki." I remember a video that was making the rounds when Dollhouse was on the air, and he and Dichen were joking about how no one could say their names properly.
I always figured he syas "joke-eye" less thna because it really sounds like that in Czech and more because it's the closest English, Spanish, and French speakers can get.

Cute that it's his last name and her first name which throw everyone.

...the Hagers from _Hee-Haw_ once made a movie about twin detectives which maybe could be re-booted....
Yes, it's "joke-eye".
Happy birthday, Enver & Demir!

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