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February 13 2013

Kevin Smith thinks David Boreanaz should play Han Solo in rumored one-off film. The AMC Movie talk podcast dicusses writer/director Kevin Smith's suggestion of David Boreanaz playing Han in the rumored film set between Episodes III and IV.

I link to the specific section of that video where it's discussed.

He's a little old. Like every other actor people are suggesting.
John Campea the AMC host pointed that out.David is 8 years older than Harrison Ford was in A New Hope and this spin-off film is supposed to be set btween the prequels and original three.

Other than the age factor,he think DB would of been perfect.He also mentions thinking Angel was a better show than Buffy.

The guest critic joining the discussion is for David in the role.

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So, Kevin finally watched Buffy and Angel?
Robert Pattinson - You heard it here first.

DISCLAIMER: I have never seen nor read the Twilight series (much like how I've also never seen the Star Wars prequels.)

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Hopefully he'll learn from what happened with Nolan's batman trilogy.
You know, a few years ago I would have said Nathan Fillion as a young Han Solo, or, better yet, the person who should have played Indiana Jones' son in the last Indiana Jones movie. However Fillion is showing his age a bit much sadly. He's not fresh Cap'n Mal anymore. Don't get me wrong, he's still all sorts of adorable and glee inducing, but it wouldn't work now.

However I would love to see David Boreanaz as Han Solo. He'd do an amazing job at it, playing both the dark roguish parts and that sharp wit that Han has. Just the problem is what that one critic said: he's almost ten years older than Ford when he first played the role.

Now David Boreanaz looks fantastic for his age, in fact he looks better now than he did the last two seasons of Angel. However he doesn't look like he's in his 20's, which a young, getting the Falcon Solo should look like.

Still props for Kevin Smith picking him out as Han Solo.
David would have been terrific if this had come at the right time. The woman at the mic mentioned Donald Glover as the young Lando. He's 29/30 and pretty youthful looking so the young man I'm thinking of could work, though he's not 20 quite yet: Jeffrey Scaperrotta. Whoever plays it has large shoes to fill, not just in terms of talent, but demeanor and tone, to be at least reminiscent of Ford, if that's what the filmmakers go for. I will be very curious to see how it all pans out.
What about Enver Gjokaj? He's not the closest look-alike to Harrison Ford, but he's one of those rare super-chameleon actors. I think he could be a great Han Solo.
I think the question we really should be asking is who will play young Chewie?
A young Chewie is still an old Chewie since he's supposed to be over 200...And though I know it was a joke, it IS gonna' be tough to fill Peter Mayhew's shoes (both figuratively and literally) - unless they use Peter Mayhew.

I can't think of a single actor that is reminiscent of Harrison Ford to me. Nathan Fillion maybe eight or ten years ago, but not now.

If they can pull it off with a believable actor, then I'm all for it. Han Solo is a fantastic character.
If they want a pre-"New Hope" Han Solo, I'm going to throw Matt Davis in there, but that's only because I really liked him on "Vampire Diaries" :)

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Although David may be a little too old for Han Solo, I think Donald Glover as young Lando is absolutely spot on.
I think it's sad that the actor who played Young Indie is too old. My other question is why we would want a Young Han movie. And who will play Young Yoda?
Timothy Oliphant (sp?) From Justice would be my pick to play a recast solo.
"Timothy Oliphant (sp?) From Justice would be my pick to play a recast solo."


I... I LIKE this idea, but Tim O. is also too old, I fear.

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I had the same Olyphant thought process last nigtht -- YES... too old.

Nathan I *don't* think is too old, if they were going to do a movie set pretty much immediately prior to Episode IV, like, he lands at Mos Eisley at the end.

As for other stories, depends on how much younger they want to go. I know a lot of fancasting just turns into "people we like from other shows", but I could see the now-30-ish Jason Dohring doing it if we were talking about a story several years prior to Episode IV, like a Falcon/Chewie origin story (ignoring part or all of whatever EU there is for that already).
I agree with Amrita - Enver Gjokaj is the closest Whedon actor that could play a young Han Solo. Christopher Gorham from Covert Affairs would be a good pick too but he's 38.

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This discussion has reminded me how much of a hard time I'm going to have getting used to a new actor for Han. Luke & Leia too, but especially Han. Nathan would have worked (as someone told me a while ago: he already played a superior version ;), but I can't think of anybody else, not even DB. I wish they were going with original characters. Or characters from the EU (Mara Jade anyone?)
Let's see, Boreanaz is 44, Olyphant is 45 and Fillion is 42. Ford was about 34 when Star Wars was filmed and this proposed/rumored (there really is no official info on it) film is supposed to take place before that first Star Wars film. They will cast someone younger than 30. Let go of your favorites, people. It's not going to happen.
Casting Whedonverse actors as young Han Solo is a little like square peg in a round hole. Most of them are too old, or they're just not that well known or ...dare I say..not great actors.

I think Ben Whishaw would be great. He's 32, but Andrew Garfield is 29 and played a high schooler so it doesn't matter how old you are as long as you look younger than you are. Whishaw is extremely talented and already pulls off a similar haircut.
Nathan Fillion > David Boreanaz
I love me some Fillion and Boreanaz, but they are simply too old to play a young Han. And I'm old, so I can say it.

How about that guy playing Mr. Darcy on Lizzie Bennett Diaries, he's young, cute and has that aloofness that can equate to badass quite easily?

Here he is, Daniel Gordh,

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Sure, hann23, but is he a good actor with a lot of range and ability? That's probably more important than looks here, because a young Han Solo who is bad at being Han Solo is going to anger pretty much everyone whose opinion matters - that is to say, people whose main concern is not whether young Han Solo is OMGSUPERCUTE*.

*This is not aimed at you.
I understand, I just think he has potential cause he's pulling off a darn convincing Mr. Darcy in three minute increments.
"They will cast someone younger than 30. Let go of your favorites, people. It's not going to happen."


I think Nicolas Hoult could do that little Han half smile.
I'd pick James Franco to be Han Solo...
James Franco would be kind of decisive. Ive made a point to not see his movies in fear of the potential he just stops during a scene to recite spoken word poetry.
How about that guy from Haven?
Egghead, I like how you think. If he wasn't already Kirk, Chris Pine could do a good Solo.
Oh, it looks like Harrison Ford will be doing it.

edit: never mind, that is for Episode VII

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Jim Cameron once said that, if Clint Eastwood wanted to do another Dirty Harry movie and look like he did in 1975, Cameron could do that (he was speaking of the tech for "Avatar"). I'm sure it's tech that could be achieved for Episode VII, so I almost wonder if they couldn't still have a near-future post-"Jedi" movie even with Harrison Ford in it. I know, I know, I'm still kidding myself into thinking we'll get "Heir to the Empire" movies.
Yeah, Chris Pine was my first thought too. It's pretty impossible, though. Star Wars can have the same director as Star Trek, but the same hero? It would mean war.
If Harrison can be Indy and Han then Chris Pine can be Kirk and Solo ... I'd love to see that :) ... but you're right Egghead, it will never happen.

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A Whedon actor as Han Solo? Chris Hemsworth or Chris Evans. I kind of doubt a TV actor would be chosen for the role. Since we're talking JJ Abrams, though, Chris Pine is probably a logical choice.
Harrison Ford was a tv actor...
I'm not a Chris Pine fan (at all) so hoping not.)
I know J.J. Abrams is doing both Star Trek and Star Wars but I would be shocked if Chris Pine pulls double duty as Han and Kirk.

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