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February 14 2013

Robot Chicken season finale preview where unlike his many short-lived sci-fi series, Joss is back from the dead, and not happy about Network TV.

Well, I guess he was wrong about spam having it's own key...
Many short-lived series? You mean Firefly and... Dollhouse (which, even though it wasn't handled ideally scrapped pilot, various meddling in the show's concept etc., got more time on the air than expected based on its ratings)?
... being a useful advantage - at least for him.
Anuris, no. "In this Sunday's Robot Chicken season finale, Joss Whedon is back from the dead, unlike his many short-lived sci-fi series." - Robot Chicken video description.
I love this take off on 'Cabin in the Woods'! It is hilarious having killer Joss be one of the Hillbilly Zombies (Seth Green always manages to have his spoofs be right on the money). So could we tell, did Joss voice his character (he has done that before for Robot Chicken's Joss related humor)?
embers, yes. We could tell. It's Joss.
Gorch: I didn't mean it as a question/remark pointed directly at you (I quess I should have formulated it differently without... you know... actually using the word "you" :-D). I noticed that it was written that way in the official description. ;-) I just wanted to point out that the description is flawed and helps to spread the general incorrect myth that Joss Whedon is the guy whose shows are prematurely getting cancelled on a regular basis, which of course isn't true at all. ;-)
Anuris, I know. We're all en guarde for our sensei. The joke is that Joss is in on it.

Another great point is, even if it were more true - the video description - would it even matter anymore? Joss has gone on to write and direct the #1 movie of all time(?..or very close to). His star has risen, and I don't think executives at Fox will be having very much more say in his future.

I remember when Serenity came out, it was such a sense of relief, not only that the story had been completed, but that he was finally directing movies, like we, his fans were waiting for for so long. So many rumours about maybe this or that project, then we get the motherlode that is Avengers. That's why I think Joss can be a willing participant as the butt of this joke. We can watch it with the last laugh and be all "Moahahahahahahahaaaa...I knew he was going to do that." And then brag about being the biggest Buffy fan ever.

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