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February 14 2013

'Much ado about Joss' - The Irish Times interview. In which Joss chats about his new movie, feminist agendas, internet criticism and whether the fans got Serenity made.

"Much of the appeal stems from Whedon’s determination to treat pop culture – comics, sci-fi, horror – as high art." YES.
Best part is where he explains that fans getting Serenity made isn't that "cut and dried", but: "I was with Mary Parent, an executive at Universal, and somebody stopped us on the street to rant about Firefly being cancelled. That helped."

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Hah, yes. When I saw the ol' "the fans helped" chestnut I groaned... so I was delighted to see the article elaborate further, and more delighted to find out that a fan actually did help!

I really hope he saw the Mary Sue thread about his feminist fails, rather than some of the other ones I've laid eyes on... one or two I've seen were brutal. And one or two had some good points. But as the man says, the agenda can't drive everything.

ETA: All in all, that was a great interview for its length.

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That ranty fan should be feeling pretty pleased with himself. :)
Consider yourself thrilled then cause I seriously dont care about superheroes.
I wonder if we will ever know who that fan was. Surely, he or she must be a member of Whedonesque!
@floofypooh, I was wondering the same.

Cool interview. It's well done.
I like to think it was Nathan Fillion, in disguise, paid by Joss. :)

I don't think I've read/seen the Mary Sue thread ManEnoughToAdmitIt mentions. Anyone have a link, or should I stay away entirely?
Joss's fondness for Shakespeare got me reading his works with a more open mind and, as a result, I enjoy them thoroughly -- so job done in that respect.

kungfubear - The Mary Sue article. From the Buffy and Firefly parts I read, it seems like an interesting perspective. However, it views the shows as if their one and only missions were to be feminist, and misses the wider human contexts to things, so it's hit and miss.
The Mary Sue article is benign. There are far more vitriolic articles on the web taking issue with Joss' feminism and I will not link to them.
It is funny that the interviewer wondered if Joss would be dragging BtVS fans to Shakespeare. Au Contraire! All those Masters Theses are the result of Buffy fans who already love Shakespeare; Joss has been dragging them to Marvel. I never read X-Men comics until Joss wrote them, and I never had even heard of the Avengers (expect Mrs. Peel and Steed of course) until Joss was going to be working on the film.
I'm getting server errors instead of the article. I wonder if there is a bit more (Whedonesque) traffic than the Irish Times was expecting.

(Okay, finally got through.)

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I don't agree with the Mary Sue article in its entirety, or even in its majority, but I'm glad it exists, because it does have good conversation-starters. Unlike the ones which accuse Joss of terrible crimes.

What I'd like to see Joss address at some point is how his strongest characters are basically singing "anything you can do, I can do better" the entire time, instead of charting their own course to greatness.
There are so many little things about this article that remind me of why I like the man so much - it just makes me happy. :)

The Mary Sue article is benign. There are far more vitriolic articles on the web taking issue with Joss' feminism and I will not link to them.

Imo if you can earn the ire of both misandropists and misogynists then you're definitely on the right track.
If Joss had made a show about a woman killing bad guys who was clearly designed to be an icon and nobody labelled him things on the internet, he would have failed at trying to say something.
Good interview, can't wait for the Dublin premiere next week !
Maybe so, gossi, but it is still extremely painful to think about the, I won't even call them vitriolic, sick things I've seen written about Joss, and I pray to Buddha he has never seen them.

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