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February 15 2013

"Would You Rather" starring Enver Gjokaj is now available on iTunes & VOD. Though the film's trailer was linked to here back in May, IFC Midnight has just recently made the film available across multiple, digital platforms.

Sounds likje a very much more twisted adaptation of Poul Anderson's ultimately optimistic novel, The Devil's Game (which used "Follow the Leader" instead) although of course the idea itself must be much older.
The accompanying picture of a razor near the eyeball is enough for me to say no to seeing this no matter how much I like Enver.
Looks like it's US only. A shame, I would like to see.
@gossi I'm sure it will just be a matter of time. I'm going to try to keep tabs on the film as best I can.

@samatwitch I would recommend just watching the trailer. That will give you some really nice, emotional bits of Enver's performance, without the extreme violence and gore that I'm assuming is prominent throughout.
I've heard the movie is great, looking forward to it.
Good tip about the preview, cos I'm with samatwitch when it comes to razor blades and eyeballs.

But Enver is so so good.

Etf: sama's name, because a t mysteriously disappeared

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