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February 23 2004

Unofficial Firefly Movie Trailer Here's a pseudo-trailer of the Firefly movie (6.01 MB) that a fellow fan put together. It's not as exciting as having a genuine one but kind of fun.

Both of my Firefly DVDs are on loan...after seeing that, I have to get one back tomorrow!

Not enough Jayne or Kaylee, though!
Oooh, I enjoyed it! It's a great thing to get someone excited for the upcoming movie.
That's fantastic! I should have my brother watch that. He said he watched a few Firefly episodes when it was on TV but he got bored with it and said he never got to liking the characters. I told him he must watch the DVDs, and at least give it a shot. He kind of went, "eh."

So I think I'll send him this trailer and next time I see him hand him my DVDs (on loan of course). But he has to give me back Angel 1 & 2 first!
Still watching my DVD box but it was definitely a great show. Loved the trailer as a fan, but I don't think it would draw the masses to the theater. Sure this was just a cool thing somebody made (And I sure downloaded it) but that's been my worry for the real project too. How to sell it to the mainstream audience.

I mean there's no obvious gimmick or famous movie actor, so....well while WE know this is a unique piece of work, how is this not going to look like a 'not quite Star Wars' to everybody else? The trailers for the show never got me interested either in all honesty. The name Whedon did, but to the main audience that doesn't mean much.

When you take the time to watch it, you see how great it is, but like much of Joss' work, the brilliance of it is hard to get across in the trailers sometimes. And things that are sp great, the originality, how it's hard to even put a clear label on it, the unconventionality, are also what makes it hard to sell to today's numb audience that's used to clear high-concept crap and gimmick trailers.

I don't know. Just thinking out loud. I really want the movie to be made and DO WELL!!
If Firefly was so under-the-radar and low-rated in the blind eyes of the mainstream audience, why not just throw "Serenity" up on the big screen? It's long enough to be a feature film, it looks damn good...Then at the end they can just run an advert: "Wanna know more? Firefly Season 1 now available on DVD" (except something that reads as more clever). Fox can make a bunch more cash off the DVDs and Universal can still put out the second film that continues the story.

That kinda gimmick would be booed by media types though. When a good chunk of the public read about it as well, they'd probably be less enthusiatic about going to see it and may even tell friends about the big trick.

I'm already cringing at all the comments along the lines of "Why is a film based on a hokey, failed series making it to theatres, much less getting made at all?" from the ignorant types. Usually those who only caught "The Train Job"...which I can't blame them for panning, even though it plays a lot better when viewed after "Serenity"...but you shouldn't be given much credit as a columnist if you're harshly criticizing a dramatic TV series after only one or two episodes. I say "ah well, didn't care for it, maybe it'll improved later on. If it gets some good widespread press, I'll check it out in reruns or on DVD". A lot of reviewers just like to outright bitch though instead of providing more balanced criticism. Seeing it from their point of view though, it's not hard to sympathize--the majority of new shows each season continue to be of questionable quality and more often than not, bomb. As reviewers, they often have to sit through a lot of really painful pilots (although I guess I shouldn't sympathize with them too much since, y'know, watching and writing about TV for a living and getting paid to do so is nothing to complain about).

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