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February 15 2013

Sarah Michelle Gellar to star in Robin Williams' CBS comedy 'Crazy Ones'. SMG might be gracing our TV screens once again!

This is great news, Sarah Michelle Gellar has brilliant comic timing, but hasn't been in enough comedies. We've seen how amazingly funny she could be in BtVS's funnier scripts (like Something Blue, or Life Serial). I'll look forward to seeing this.
Because you all knew I was going to say it eventually. This is a pilot. It may never air. The "will" above should be a "might." Also DEK? Anyone watch his WW pilot? Horrors! Pretty sure his new hospital show on cable is DOA (meaning it doesn't have long to live not it's name) as well.

So nobody hold their breath on this one. Nice pilot paycheck for SMG though. :)
OK, I edited it.
David E. Kelley has a better track record with quirky dramedy than with sober and serious, at least IMO, so "Monday Mornings" isn't a guide. I like the concept. I mean, not as a show I'd really be into, but as the sort of thing that might hit. Sarah Michelle Gellar as the quasi-straight man to Robin MF Williams sounds like a setting where she can really get a lot of love.

It also occurs to me that if this doesn't work, I could totally buy her stepping into a procedural of some kind. If Mariska Hargitay ever gets tired of SVU, for instance.
Yay yay yay!!! SMG and Robin Williams?! I HOPE this gets picked up!!! :D
I like KingofCretins' idea of SMG doing a serial procedural, like at TNT where the ratings aren't as key to a show's survival as the broadcast networks are.

If this doesn't make it to series order (I'm kinda hoping it does), she can try her luck at a spot on "Perception" or "Major Crimes"...
I was sold on this when they cast Robin Williams, SMG is just very lovely icing on the top.
Fingers and toes crossed for it to be good as well as successful!
Wow! This will be a great career move for her if it gets picked up. I imagine it will do well in ratings because America LOVES Robin Williams. Good for her :D
This sounds great to me! Hope it happens.
Glad to hear it's single camera -- surprising from the currently all multi-cam sitcoms of CBS. SMG should rock it.
Mork and Buffy? I'm there if it gets picked up.
Oh I hope it gets picked up. I'll definitely watch.
Me too. Williams is a much better actor than people give him credit for and so is Sarah. It could be a great collision of comedy chops.
It's true. But Williams abilities are really amazing, they just need the right spot.

Based on the report, it seems like SMG would be playing the straight. That's ok but I sure do hope that they give her a chance to show off that awesome comedic timing of hers.

This could really be something. I'm imagining things....
@eddy, your "Mork and Buffy" comment is so great...I wonder if it will occur to some reviewer if the show gets picked up. (I kept waiting for someone to call the Mark Wahlberg version of the Planet of the Apes 'Marky-Mark and the Monkey Bunch'...). Anyway, it also got me thinking--how much silly fun would it be if they actually tried to do a show with that premise--Mork and Buffy? It would at least be good for an SNL sketch perhaps?

But seriously, I hope SMG gets back on TV. It would be interesting to see how she works with Robin Williams.
Sarah's in for a wild ride. I've often wondered what it must be like living with Robin Williams - you never know who you're going to be talking to. The man is seriously unhinged, in the best possible way.

Since he's known for ad-libbing, I wonder how they're going to rein him in for broadcast TV?

It'll definitely be interesting. Anything that brings SMG back to our screens is a good thing.
Sarah's in for a wild ride. I've often wondered what it must be like living with Robin Williams - you never know who you're going to be talking to. The man is seriously unhinged, in the best possible way.

That sounds like a question for Batman - literally.
I've enjoyed Robin Williams' recent "Snickers -- You Aren't You When You're Hungry" commercial. Also, even if one doesn't like procedurals, go pull his Stanley Milgram inspired guest appearance on "Law & Order: SVU" (google tells me it was their 200th episode, called "Authority"). He really is a special talent, IMO, and sort of a prototype/proof of what we've all heard Joss say about using comic actors in dramatic roles.

Also, the idea of a kinda crajy advertising guy makes me think of that somewhat agreeable Dudley Moore movie "Crazy People".

[ edited by KingofCretins on 2013-02-17 00:49 ]
I think it is horrible to imagine someone as versatile and lively as SMG in a procedural; I will continue to hope for her to have huge success with Robin Williams in this comedy. Robin Williams has done TV comedy before, he knows how it is done, and what it needs, I'm hoping he is producing on this one and will create something brilliant and creative that will run for years. She will be brilliant in it.

[ edited by embers on 2013-02-17 03:07 ]
I think it is horrible to imagine someone as versatile and lively as SMG in a procedural;

Funny - I can't think of anything more ideal (as long as it's a well-written procedural, of course.)

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this one develops.
It's not like "Buffy" didn't have a lot of procedural elements. I don't get the disdain for the format, I really don't. Doesn't matter, as this show isn't one. Just occurs to me she could be a permanent primetime fixture for a decade or more in one, and... y'know, we want good things for her, yes?
Must watch Sarah Michelle.
First, have to share a friend's Robin Williams's story. He lived down the hall from him when both were freshmen at Claremont Men's College. He said that Robin was depressed and unhappy and not the least bit funny. His parents allowed him to drop out of school and history was made. A few years later he saw him on Mork and Mindy and wondered where the funny guy came from.

Very mixed feelings about this show. I have ZERO ZERO ZERO faith and confidence in David E. Kelley. I have hated nearly everyone of his shows and I am still furious at him for trying to do Wonder Woman, meaning that no one else will be able to try that concept in the forseeable future.

Kelley writes nearly all of the scripts for all of his shows and I just find him a little nauseating. I suppose, I'd give it a try but I detest Kelley.
Count me as one of the excited fans. Excited to see SMG on screen again.
Well Robin William's dropping out of Claremont Men's College may have seemed like a loser move to your friend, Njal, but since he went on to be a Julliard graduate, studying under John Guilgood, I think he managed to land on his feet.

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