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February 17 2013

Live streaming of Nathan Fillion hosting the WGA Awards. This starts tonight (Feb. 17) at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time. Don't know if the link works outside the U.S., but it is available to the public. Whedon folk Danny Strong and Howard Gordon are among the nominees.

So the Streamys and the WGA awards are both today.
Thank you for posting this! I've been searching to see if it would be aired on any cable channels, but I wasn't finding any. I was surprised because a relatively big star (because Nathan is high profile because of the success of 'Castle') as host would usually be enough to get it onto cable. But I'm just as happy to watch it live streaming tonight. I'll plan my evening around it!
Writers, what do they do? #commentarythemusical

It appears to work outside the US.
Direct link to Ustream if any issues with the WGA server crop up.

“When I first accepted the honor of hosting the Writers Guild Awards, I was confused and actually thought I was receiving one. Since I play a writer on TV, I felt perhaps someone was under the impression I deserved an award and I wasn’t about to correct them. However, now I’m in the perfect position to present myself with whichever award I choose. Who’s going to know? At the very least, I can network with the most talented writers in the business in preparation for my next round of unemployment. It’s a win/win.”

The WGA Awards tend to be the most entertaining of the industry awards, because all of the winners are, well, *writers,* so they can actually write good acceptance speeches :)
BTW, I've already spotted Joss in the audience at the Streamys.
That is interesting that Joss picked the Streamys to attend, rather than the WGA Awards. It would seem to be a choice of who he considers to be his 'tribe', but maybe I'm giving the choice too much weight.
Well, the WGA awards don't start for another two hours. He could be going to both.
Well judging from Joss's outfit it seems unlikely that he'll head over to the WGA after the Streamies.

Danny Strong just won for Game Change and (among others) he thanked Jane Espenson and Joss Whedon!

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Nathan introduced himself as an "eight-time Comic-Con panelist".
I wasn't sure what was up with Nathan's U-porn jokes and references to booze and coke, among others, a little trying too hard for the laugh, but he did his best. Very happy for Danny Strong and then hearing him thank Jane and Joss. It was an honor to watch Steven Spielberg, Tony Kushner, Tom Stoppard and Sam Waterston, and after him, Joshua Brand and John Falsey, who created a couple of my favorite shows, chiefly, A Year in the Life. Adored it. Thank you so much for providing the link.
Tonya J, you are welcome. As for the content of the jokes, Nathan Fillion was for the most part reading off a teleprompter at the back of the room, so he wasn't the one straining for the laugh :)

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That is interesting that Joss picked the Streamys to attend, rather than the WGA Awards.

He was nominated for a Streamy.
Although in a category whose winners were pre-announced days ago, and for which the non-winning nominees were never mentioned during the ceremony.
Did they really? I'd thought "hey the guy who made the third highest grossing movie in history is a nominee" may have got some interest. But what do I know.
I really doubt Nathan would write a line slamming Canada unfairly for the events of Argo.
redeem147, I think that joke was a bit obscure, but it was about "Argo" itself - at the time of the actual incident, since the U.S. personnel had been hiding at the Canadian ambassador's house, Canada "took credit" (i.e., said they had gotten the escapees out of Iran) so that it wouldn't appear that the CIA had been active in the escape, as that might have jeopardized all of the Americans still being held in Iran.
Nathan @ the WGA

I'm looking for Danny Strong in a clip but can't :(
WGA has their own YouTube channel. I'm sure they will have some clips of 2013 up at some point.
Argo very much overemphasizes the role of the CIA in the escape and, while Affleck did ask Ken Taylor to edit the card at the end, there's still great inaccuracies in the film.

It's not called 'taking credit' when you did the work.

This is a good article about the discrepancies - Facts and Fiction.

It just surprised me that Nathan would make the joke he did, but I guess he reads what's on the teleprompter.

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