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February 18 2013

3rd Annual Streamy Awards took place yesterday. Leap Year, in which Eliza Dushku and Emma Caulfield guest-starred, won a 'Best Branded Entertainment Series' award.

Joss, Eliza and Felicia Day were also nominated for the best guest appearance, but, unfortunately, didn't win.

Alexis Denisof's series H+ The Digital Series was nominated in several categories and won for Best Direction and Best Action or Sci-Fi series.

Also, Jane Espenson's series Husbands was also nominated in a couple of categories but didn't win.
I knew that Jane Espenson and Cheeks were there last night, I was sorry they didn't win, I would have loved to have seen them up on stage.
I spotted Joss and Eliza in the audience, in the same row as Felicia. I'm surprised they didn't get them involved in presenting or something.

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