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February 18 2013

Newsarama counts down the 10 Best Comic Book-Based Performances of All-Time. Several "Avengers" made the list.

The modern comic book movie is such a young genre that there isn't a big pool of performances to pick from, so most of these were pretty predictable. I was pleasantly surprised to see Gary Oldman ranked so high, though. He was my favorite part of the Nolan Batman movies.
There are several here. Anne Hathaway is a gimme. Still trying to figure out how they squeeze her in that cat suit? Nevertheless, the end result was well worth it. Wow! Draws eyes away...

Which leads us to Chloe Grace. This girl is going far. I've beeen keeping an eye on this star and she's making headwal. Watch out for her in future movies. Except for, "Carrie", of course.
You don't think Carrie will be good? I think it will be a surprise hit if the director, writers, and Ms. Grace bring their A game.

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I would of put Paul Giamatti's performance in American Splendor pretty high on my list.
Loving the Tom Hiddleston love =) besides the amazing Heath Ledger, I must say, Hiddleston has one of my favorite villain performances of the last 10 years.

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