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February 19 2013

(SPOILER) Behind Buffy Season 9: "Welcome to the Team: There's No Team". Dark Horse's Scott Allie discuses Buffy Season 9 #17 and #18 and what's come to next.

Great interview.Some interesting stuff is hinted at.
Scott thinks (rather disparagingly) that some fans don't like the Billy="Slayer" thing. As always seems to be the case when people dislike things. No, we're mostly just thinking it was yet another space-taking tangent away from what people have been saying all along they want.
They seem to be constantly trying to regress these characters to an earlier version of themselves. I just don't get why.
Props to Chambliss for the talking balloon :-)

So Billy will move in with Anaheed for training now?
Apollo11 I agree with you on the whole Billy thing, and yes Kaan why do the comics folk seem to love wanting to drag these characters back over old ground.

Buffy as a show was about growing up and moving on and not about keep revisiting the past.

It's it good enough for them that Jeanty draws Buffy like she's 14, do we really need entire comics set when she really was that age?

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Very informative interview! I like that Joss himself planned Anaheed as the hidden Slayer from the get go. Scott all but confirms that the loss of magic is what's affecting Dawn, and also brings up a good point about Billy. He defies the expectation that a Slayer must be female, but at the same time he's grappling with the fact that he doesn't have the birthright and cannot be a True Slayer. Now, if he were to absorb a bunch of mystic power from someone overburdened with it, who's to say what he will become?
Well, gee, there is a Siphon that drains power. And a person who could use it...
chrisobbrien, Dana5140; Oh, this whole 'verse just, to me, gets more painful every month, and that suggestion just helps it along.
Y'know, I know people will violently disagree with me, but I see this entire arc moving toward a complete re-deconstruction of the slayer mythology. So now men can have it, too. Let's subvert the subversion!
When has "what people have been saying all along they want" ever been the determinant for writing Buffy?
I seriously doubt any kind of 'empowerment' is coming Billy's way any time soon. Severin is already dangerous and unstable. After (possibly) consuming Illyria's powers he is much more likely to go Time-Bomb than start 'sharing the power'. That was Buffy's original 'sin' in S7. This season theme looks more like being about loss of power/magic/status, etc. I seriously doubt the finale would be in any way cheerful. Besides, yeah - the subverting the gender roles violation.
I hope you are correct, dorotea. I just think this entire comic is sort of off the rails right now, and this is where I see it going. Along with Dawn's death (and if we are lucky, her resurrection).
I don't think Dawn will die. That'd negate the sacrifice Buffy made in season five. If she does die, I see her coming back in another form or something.
I think it would be less "sharing the power" and more "power ripped from him and absorbed/given to to Billy." I don't think it's likely this would happen, but it's out there. Willow might succeed in her quest and restore magic, which would fix the problem Dawn is having.

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