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February 19 2013

Buffy: "Making of a Slayer" on sale at Woot. Great price ($18.00) for Buffy: The Making of a Slayer. The box set has a great book along with lots of memorabilia from the show.

For some reason, the link wasn't working for me (it kept pointing back to whedonesque.) For those facing the same problem, here's the product link.
Thanks, skreechowl. That was my bad!
Too bad they don't ship the book to europe. :/

At least they ship the Wash-dinosaur-shirt overseas.
Bought this awhile back and was kind of disappointed. There's nothing particularly new here- mostly an overview of each BUFFY season and transcripts of interviews from the DVDs. There are also several glaring errors throughout. The memorabilia pieces are kind of cool, but they're made out of very thin paper.
libradude, are they literally just transcripts of the DVD interviews or is it just a re-hash of things we already knew from the DVDs? That would be a MASSIVE letdown if they are truly nothing but transcripts and plain ol overviews. Because I have been wanting to buy this book since they announced it, both for the content of the text and the cool little "props" that come with it. I figured the "props" would not be of any high quality but hoped the content of the book itself would more than make up for it. Sounds like that might not be the case...

Anyone else purchased this item care to weight in? I realize $18 isn't much but I don't need to pay $18 for stuff I already have on DVD and a few flimsy paper pieces.
Hmm... not sure, is this worth it? Waiting for some more reviews from people who actually have it.
I thought I heard good things about this in the past... oh well, I ordered it - having an oddity can be sort of cool, too.

Ah, This was the original topic here at W and there was a subsequent topic before this one.

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I bought this last year, and while the most of the main content is stuff we already knew, it is worth it for the props, one of which mentions a "new" old canonical slayer.
Quinn, in my opinion, there's nothing new to be had with this book (except simply to have for collector's purposes). Reviews look mostly mixed on Amazon as well.
I don't own the book, but the general consensus definitely seemed to be that it didn't really offer anything new. Probably worth getting if you fancy a nicely-presented collectors' item, but those of us hoping for some new insights will seemingly have to go on hoping for now.
I got the book, it's probably worth the $20, def not the $50. Nothing new in it at all but still it was a nice overview of the series, fans and creators. The book itself is a high quality hardcover and comes in a protective casing. The props were cool too.

It was a fun enjoyable quick read but not a must have. I would recommend this book at this pricing if there isn't anything else you really wanted to spend the $20 on.

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