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February 20 2013

The Avengers and The Cabin in the Woods receive Saturn Awards nominations. There are several nominations for Joss Whedon, The Avengers and Cabin, as well as a somewhat surprising nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Woah! That's a cool surprise.
Yay Clark Gregg! :D I wish Tom Hiddleston was nominated in stead, but hey! I love me some Coulson, so I can't complain too much!

And yay for Joss getting tons of nominations, as well as Drew Goddard! :D it was Whedon's year last year, and hopefully it will continue!
I feel like some of these movies are pushing it in terms of "genre". Argo? Ted? Zero Dark Thirty? All good movies, but not really my idea of fantasy or horror.
@Jelly: It's called Horror/Thriller, and I suppose Zero Dark Thirty and Argo are considered thrillers. And I haven't seen Ted, but isn't it about a talking teddy bear? That would qualify it as fantasy.

But it seems to me that having 4 different categories for best film is making them stretch the term "best" even more. Prometheus? The Snow White and the Huntsman? Really?

I'm, however, puzzled by the International Film category, and why Anna Karenina is there (though I'm not familiar with the other nominees). Aren't those films supposed to belong to the genres of SF, fantasy, horror, thriller or action adventure, too?
As much as Clark Gregg nailed his performance, I'm pretty sure the Best Supporting Actor award is going to Christoph Waltz. Or maybe Ian McKellen, just for being Ian McKellen.

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@TTB I get it, but it seems (to me) like these awards should be about movies that would not normally get nominated. Ted is a fantasy in the sense that a Teddy Bear talks, but its set in the real world and is not what I think of when you talk about a fantasy movie. An I loved Ted, I thought it was hilarious. Obviously, just my opinion, and they can do whatever they want.
Fantasy can be set in the real world - that's why there's a whole bunch of urban fantasy. Buffy's set in the real world - there just happens to be a Hellmouth in town.
True, I guess I just don't consider Ted to fall in that category. He's the only fantasy element of the movie, so I don't think of it that way. Again, just my opinion, so whatever that's worth!

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