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February 21 2013

Marc Blucas to co-star in ABC's 'Killer Women'. He will play a DEA agent who works with Tricia Helfer's character.

Anyone know if Necessary Roughness has been cancelled or is he just jumping ship?
I am gonna guess jumping ship, because cancelling a USA Original is sort of like killing Rasputin. Either way, looks like a more fun show to do and certainly more fun to watch, "Necessary Roughness" is just cloying. Y'know, I can think of an ABC series that would probably pair up well for an action/adventure night...
At this point he may not be doing anything. NR only does 13 eps, and this is just a pilot. He may have one of those second position deals.
I really hope they don't cancel NR! My fave character was left with a nasty cliff-hanger D: the main reason I watch in the first place...

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