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February 21 2013

"At Fox, I was the guy who kept Joss on the air for more than one season." This was the Whedon reference in 'Cult', The CW's comedy meta-drama about fandom, which premiered on Tuesday night.

Reviewer doesn't seem to think much of the show itself.
To me this show could go either way. It's either going to be the greatest thing since man discovered fire - OR - (and this is more likely) it will try too hard to capture the "passionate fans" and just not be able to do anything outside of all these meta-CW-passionate-we're-not-going-to-say-it-but-we-all-know-we're-talking-about-the-Supernatural-and-VampireDiaries-and-JossWhedon-fans references.

it will be 'interesting' to see what happens.
Heard the line, thought, "Keeping Dollhouse on Fox did absolutely nothing good for Fox. This show, about television, clearly does not understand how television works. Hoo boy."
I gather it's based on Farscape fans since that's O'Bannon's experience. Haven't watched it yet.
Aside from the fandom stuff which is just so badly mishandled (funny though), it's alright. I like to watch bad US tv from time to time so this will fill a niche.
My problems are two, 1) shows like Cult (in the show) don't garner ridiculously passionate audiences, 2) Man, you can tell the script was lying around for a decade. Did kinda find the reference funny though.
Now that I've watched it, they could have put in the reference because Aisha Hinds who plays the cop was on Dollhouse.
I think once they air an episode called "The Shipper War", it'll be a breakout hit!

(No real episode by that name, yet)

I enjoyed it but I'm easy to please. I did enjoy Farscape and I am going to hope that we get more weird before it is canceled.

I did find the Joss reference awkward. It just was not written or delivered well. Or is the Joss vs Fox trope getting tired?
Okay, so this show really is about what it seemed to be about the time I tried watching it this week. Glad that's settled.
I've only seen the pilot, but I'm enjoying "Cult." It's trippy in a way that even genre TV doesn't do very often and I like the tricky visual stuff (like the guy in the wall who at first seems to be part of the wall). And hey, maybe this is the alternate universe where "Firefly" got more than one season :)
Cult is one of the worst shows I have ever seen. The pilot is atrocious.

Buffy - 7 seasons
Angel - 5 seasons
Firefly - 1 season
Dollhouse - 2 seasons

People talk about Whedon shows as if they were all one and out! That's ridiculous!
The line specified Fox, rather than general TV. At Fox, "Firefly" famously got only one season, though "Dollhouse" got two (short) seasons. And Fox/FX canceled a lot of Whedon colleague Tim Minear's shows - "Drive," "Terriers," "Chicago Code" - though they're now renewing "American Horror Story" for a third season. So I think it may have been referencing all of that, *without* referencing the WB/UPN history.
This kind of sounds like an easy reference... This show has been on my list to check out since it was announced because the premise sounded like it might be cool, but reviews for it has been surfacing since fall and have all been bad, so I'm not holding my breath for it. I'll probably wait and see if it gets renewed. I've grown a bit tired of starting to watch shows that get canceled after a short season.
Well, it got 0.3 in the demo. Dr. Horrible got 0.2 in the demo. "Cult" had a multi-platform publicity campaign... It might just be a, uh, Cult series.
So is this like Grosse Pointe but with crazy fans?
I thought that line was great. Their first episode not so much.
Awful pilot. Surprised it got picked up in the first place.
eddy, I was thinkin' Grosse Pointe too. I liked that show a ton and bought the DVD set when it finally came out (and then sold it, after I'd re-watched it and given to a few other folks to watch for the first time). It was maybe a bit ahead of its time, or maybe it was just too inside-the-industry for most viewers (Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip, or whatever that Sorkin dramedy was called, also kinda suffered from the same problem...but that one was also pretty mediocre for the most part). Grosse Pointe provides a nice snapshot of that specific era of The WB programming. I miss its cast.

Haven't seen this one yet. Doubt I'll watch, kinda tired of fandom navel-gazing (exception: The Guild--finally saw Season 6 last week. Maybe I enjoy The Guild because I have no stake in the MMO culture--I don't game much anymore and I was only ever addicted to the original Diablo online, FFXI and WoW's betas for two weeks before realizing I would get sucked in if I bought the full games, annnd...yeah, that was it. Enough of an experience to get the gist of most of the in-jokes in the web series. The Guild Season 6's season finale felt like a conclusion. Is it over ?)

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