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"I didn't lay my faerie eggs inside your inner ear canal to watch you die."
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February 21 2013

Joss Whedon's insidious hidden agenda exposed. Pajiba speaks out.

Oh, a new front in the Anti-Ginger Wars. Interesting.
It must have worked on me - I actually married a redhead. :)
Only a ginger can call another ginger a ginger...
Is that like an "Only a ninja can kill a ninja" thing?
I hate that Dollhouse gets labeled as least favorite Whedon property. For me, it's Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Firefly, although I know I am a minority (my life story)
I've always noticed and loved it, being a redhead. They say natural redheads are dying out, its a recessive gene, maybe that explains dollhouse?
I always laugh when I read "scientific" findings or articles that say redheads will have died out by 2030. Uhm, I hope I will make it past the age of 42, thank you very much.
I do feel an odd sort of depression whenever I see a natural redhead has dyed their hair. Maybe they need to watch some Joss shows to restore faith in their crimson locks...
Ha. Redheads are in no danger of dying out (and why would they now, when they haven't in thousands of years?). It's just one of the silly popular misconceptions started by people who don't understand a thing about genetics in the first place but love sensationalism.

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@Jelly, I'm in the same boat! My favs are Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, and Firefly, in that order as well!
Speaking as a life long redhead (natural redhead showing up in a family of brunettes), it seems to me that the gingers still pop up fairly regularly: my red headed cousin managed to produce two redheaded babies to give a lie to the 2030 extinction theory. We do appear, like the mocking bird egg in a nest of boringly hair colored people, when you least expect us!

But WAIT! Alpha AKA Alan (ginger haired) Tudyk was totally on Dollhouse (and he was awesome on Dollhouse)!!

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Yup...Dollhouse is one of the best!
Good find, I laughed out loud several times.
Found it hilarious as i read on. However i frowned and even growled slightly when i saw Dollhouse titled 'Your least favourite'. Dollhouse is my favourite! And I'm sick of it being slated, especially by people who are making things like this because they love the Whedonverse :(
Hilarious. (and there's always henna, for those to whom red hair does not come naturally)

I do think the color palette on Dollhouse wasn't as diverse as it could have been, in lots of ways, not just hair color. (Though now I feel the urge for a re-viewing, just to confirm my suspicions.)
I assumed the Dollhouse "least favorite" thing was tongue-in-cheek, given that it is one of the most criticized of Joss' TV shows - and, of course, to make the whole conspiracy thing work.
Dollhouse as "least fave" Joss show? Yeah, personally I'd have to agree with that. It's all relative though...a bad Joss show (if there is such a thing) is still miles ahead of most of the crap on TV.
Dollhouse is my least favourite as well, but that's mostly because I've never been able to warm up to Eliza and her characters. Also, I've only seen it once so far and of course I am planning a rewatch, and I suspect that my opinion will change in time. I am just not as comfortably familiar with Dollhouse as with the other three.

I remember I strongly identified with Felicia when she joined in the 7th season, a teenage redhead (at least the character), I always envied her :)

Now I don't really know any of the new cast for S.H.I.E.L.D. - are there any redheads in there so far?
I always thought "ginger" a specific shade *within* the redhead group. Live'n'loin, I guess.
I love red hair. Always have. I always wished I was Willow just for her beautiful red hair.

And I believe the 12th Doctor will be a Ginger.

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