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February 21 2013

Robin Sachs contributed voice work to the final piece of Mass Effect 3 story content. It will be released March 5th.The "Citadel" DLC mission includes voice work from most of the cast from the series, including Robin Sachs' character Zaeed Massani. Also, the next weekend multiplayer operation is dedicated to Robin Sachs.

Operation: TRIBUTE sets goals for the entire multiplayer community to achieve, dedicated to the actor and inspired by his character.

As a dedicated member of the Whedon and Mass Effect community, this has had me choked up for a while now.

Also, I guess it's worth mentioning that Seth Green is returning in his role as Joker. Adam Baldwin - probably not.

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I left Zaeed to die in my last game of MASS EFFECT 2 that I've been running with for ME3 DLC. Whoops.
I don't know what any of that means (not a gamer) but I get the tribute part, and that's very cool.

I think it's good sometimes to be reminded that there are people out there who are fans of "our" actors/writers/etc without necessarily being Whedonites.

Does anyone know what ended up happening with his lovely dogs? And also is there some kind of charity or something fans can donate to in his name? Maybe a pitbull association or something?

This still saddens me. Ethan was a very complex villain, and Robin a very talented actor.
ShadowQuest, I can give you some good news there at least. Fiona and Tiny are safe, and rehomed together in Montana on a ranch with other dogs. If you go to Robin's site or his facebook page, there are details, and links to donate to a pitbull rescue association in his memory.

I'm not a gamer either, but what a wonderful thing to do.
In Sydney Australia this weekend, we have Louise Jameson (Leela - 4th Doctor Who companion) who spoke in her Q and A about 3 actors she graduated with from RADA .. one being Robin Sachs ( some 40+ years ago) ..
When I met her later, I mentioned how the Whedon community loved his character on Buffy, to which Louise replied "Im still in shock. We had dinner at a convention just late last year, as we have been long-time friends. We actually discussed the recent passing of Mary Tamm (another Doctor Who favourite), and he loved the fact that Buffy fans still wanted to meet him for his role on the show after all these years.. so sad it was three days before his death was discovered .. I had no idea he was living alone .. I will miss him.."

As stated in another thread I met him at Comiccon quite a few years ago ... Simply a real nice guy.


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